Woman Muslim Issues Threat Over Daughter’s Lunch

Posted by Jeff Brown

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  1. how dare she!
    first we’re not supposed to have schools initiate, recognize, enforce ANY religious beliefs
    UNTIL its convenient for MUSLIMS!
    Then by God, we better have prayer rooms for these slobs!

    I’m over it!
    Go the eff home then!

  2. Sick of muslimes dictating to all other religions while their CULT (so not a religion) is pushed on children in our schools. It is prov en that mo ham med is a phony child pedophile who created a cult of men that murder each other and everything else. They believe it is okay to have sex with animals for petes sake! Ugh!!!!

  3. Yeah! The school is right! I’m tired of my children not having access to foods with peanuts because of a few defective children that just need to bring sack lunches…

  4. There shouldn’t be a special menu for anyone!
    If your child needs special food, then supply it yourself.
    This from a 68 year old who carried a lunch pail and thermos to school till
    entering High School. Have your kid carry his lunch to school!
    Muslims never assimilate, remember that folks.

  5. This is a public school, paid for by hundreds of families and geared to educate normal, average kids. If you want something special for your kid, whatever that may be, that is your personal responsibility. The cost of education is skyrocketing because of PC mandates and the demands of a few “special” folks. This especially applies to non-educational demands; i.e. prayer accommodations, foods, religious holidays (added or omitted), etc. Some even demand changes in curriculum, omitting or changing actual historical events/narratives/people that they consider offensive or non-PC.

    America is a melting pot not a salad. The aim is to assimilate into a homogenous society working toward the common goal of a safe, peaceful, prosperous, united country, the United States of America. If anyone cannot adapt to our historical customs, perhaps they need to seek a more compatible homeland, instead of trying to change this one resemble the place they left.

  6. The response seems reasonable, not brutal to me. I love it. I’m tired of all the whining and demands. Take responsibility. Read the online menu and send a lunch that day.

  7. Now we need business, other educational institutions & esp governments to follow the example and quit caving to muslims each and every time they feel slighted or “offended” because things aren’t done the same way as their country of origin.

  8. What BS! I want religion teaching to be offered in public schools. All religions not just the so called persecuted ( Muslim ) pariah that’s being shoved up our asses!! If their be a prayer rug, let there be cross a menorah a Jewish star!! Fuck Islam

  9. Absolutely correct response from the school district. Muslims dk not get to come here and tell us wgat we xan and can’t do. Go back to your third world countries if you don’t like it!

  10. I went through primary and secondary schooling without the schools needing to feed me for lunch. At primary school we had half a pint of fresh milk…that was it…. kids should bring bring their own food with them from home..

  11. The school is right. The mother needs to be responsible for her child’s food herself. She can homeschool, as I do..

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