VIDEO: Liberal Muslim Professor Attacks Pro-Trump Student, Immediately Wishes He Hadn’t

During a protest at the University of Illinois, a professor attacked one of the students, smashing the pupil’s phone to teach him a lesson for being pro-Trump. However, just when the liberal educator believed he’d properly punished the conservative student, he quickly realized that his thuggish behavior would come back to bite him in a big way.

Thanks to 8 years of Barack Obama’s push for liberal indoctrination in the public education system, progressives have turned college campuses into anti-free speech zones where dissenters are targets of physical retaliation simply for expressing their opinion. Disturbingly, not only are the students exhibiting violent and oppressive fascist tendencies to silence the conservative viewpoint but even higher education instructors are using totalitarian tactics in a bid to suppress free thought.

During an anti-Donald Trump rally on the University of Illinois campus, a group of self-proclaimed socialists convened to publicly denounce democracy and freedom. At the helm was Tariq Khan, a Muslim graduate student and instructor of multiple courses at the college, who joined students in passive-aggressively hurling vulgarities at Trump in an alleged attempt at resistance.

In video footage, Khan is seen approaching a conservative student, threatening the pupil, assaulting the cameraman, and snatching the student’s cell phone before hurling it at the concrete. Unfortunately for the fascist instructor, he forgot during his socialist daydream that, in America, it’s illegal to assault someone, steal their belongings, and damage their personal property — all of which resulted in Khan’s immediate arrest.


According to Campus Reform39-year-old Khan was handcuffed and booked for assaulting at least one student before causing injury to Joel Valdez’s phone, which may qualify for felony battery and misdemeanor criminal damage.

In the video, Khan is heard telling members of right-wing organization Turning Point USA that he will “go tear down one of your flyers” before threatening them with physical harm during a fiery confrontation. Incredibly, all of the conservative demonstrators keep their cool when faced with the barking instructor, who continually provokes them by screaming in their faces and physically assaulting one.

Khan plays up one student’s suggestion that he go home and be with his family as a threat, incessantly shrieking, “Are you threatening my kids?!” Unruffled, Valdez placidly replies to each of Khan’s accusations, making the emotional instructor even more flustered.

“Say something about my kids again!” Khan yells at Valdez. “Say one more thing about my kids, b**ch!”

“I’m not threatening your kids,” Valdez insists.
Khan then turns his wrath toward the unidentified individual holding the camera, asking him in a threatening tone if he too wants to talk about his children, The College Fix reports.

“I didn’t say nothing,” the cameraman says. “I didn’t say anything.”

Khan approaches both Valdez and the cameraman several times, ultimately telling Valdez: “You’d better check yourself, okay? Check yourself. I’ll f**k you up if you threaten…”
Unable to control his explosive emotions, Khan unleashes on his calm and collective foes, modeling for his students and peers how they should deal with those who disagree with them. Khan lunges for Valdez’s phone and smashes it against the sidewalk before making a cowardly retreat.

Khan was later arrested when the students produced the video of the confrontation to authorities. So far, Khan is scheduled to appear in court for “criminal damage to property,” although charges could be added if the assaulted cameraman decides to pursue them.

Khan reportedly teaches and assists in several departments at the University of Illinois, including Gender and Women’s Studies, African American Studies, and Latina/Latino Studies. However, due to his unhinged violence and attempt to suppress students and their civil rights, he should immediately be fired from his position and banned from the campus. This man directly poses a threat to anyone who thinks differently and has undeniably demonstrated it on camera.

Khan maintains that he never assaulted anyone and that the conservative demonstrators should be arrested for “harassing” and “targeting” him and his students. Khan’s claims illustrate the typical liberal rhetoric, insinuating that when conservatives protest, it’s a crime, but when liberals physically assault individuals for having a differing opinion, it’s “resistance” and “anti-fascism.”
Of course, nothing is more fascist than physically harming someone for voicing alternative ideas simply because you disagree. Khan is the epitome of liberalism, socialism, and fascism, not unlike the Sharia law system the left supports in the name of “anti-racism” — and he needs to be exposed. Luckily, we have the video and the means, via social media, to do it. Enough is enough.

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