Trump’s Advisor Thomas P. Bossert has left the Building

New Resignation: Another Trump Advisor Thoma P. Bossert hes left the building.

New resignation at White House: Tom Bossert, interior security adviser Donald Trump has decided to leave his position, published on Tuesday from White House.

“The president thanks Tom for engaging in the security of our great country,” said Sarah Sanders, a US president’s spokeswoman, in a brief statement that comes after the wake of the recent months of despair of the chaos that governs the White House.

Sudden departure is taking place after John Bolton’s arrival to the head of the National Security Council in exchange for H.R. McMaster, to whom Trump thanked for his cooperation.

The most breathtaking when it comes to natural disasters or the fight against cyberattacks, Tom Bossert was involved in the counterterrorist struggle. He also visited Iraq in April 2017 with Jared Kushner, a bartender and adviser to Donald Trump, to talk about fighting the Islamic State.

Until his departure comes when the US president threatens military intervention in Syria.

Thomas P. Bossert was born on March 25, 1975, an American lawyer and a former Republican White House serving as Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor until his resignation on April 10, 2018.

Immediately before, he was a member of the Atlantic Council and before that he served as Deputy Chief of Defense for President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Adviser. In this capacity, he cooperated with the National Homeland Security Strategy of 2007. Previously, Bossert had offices in the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Small Business Administration, the Independent Attorney’s Office, and the House of Representatives. He was also appointed to head of Bush Infrastructure Protection, overseeing the security of critical US infrastructure, a post he held for two years.

Bossert was appointed Senior Policy Officer for Standby Policy at the Executive Office of the President.

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