Tramp is pulling out the US Army from Syria

Any decision to withdraw the Tramp from Syria would also be contrary to the current military assessment
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An unexpected announcement by US President Donald Trump has raised concerns among members of national security. Namely, Tramp said on Thursday that the US intends to withdraw its army from Syria soon. Experts warn that this could reduce American credibility in the region, but also trigger a conflict escalation.

Although Tramp has often emphasized that ISIS was defeated, his latest announcement provoked tough comments, and defense officials warned that it was not time to retire from Syria now.

– We won ISIS. Soon we will retire from Syria. Some others are now paying attention to this, “Tramp said recently to his supporters not far from Cleveland during his speech.

Several US officials have told CNN that the Pentagon has not yet heard more detailed information about it from the White House, adding that politics has not changed and that they continue to focus on fighting the ISIS.

A meeting of the National Security Council is scheduled to take place Tuesday to discuss the administration’s plan to fight ISIS in Syria, a senior administration official said Saturday.

Any decision to withdraw the Tramp from Syria would also be contrary to the current military assessment. Many national security officials are worried about how the withdrawal could affect the overall situation.

The US has about 2,000 troops in Syria, and they primarily support Syrian democratic forces in the fight against ISIS. Obvious desire of the Tram to leave Syria as soon as possible, will cause concern in the region. This could encourage Syrian regime, Iran and Turkey.

David Adesnik, director of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, said that without the support of the US, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would find themselves in a weaker position and that this could diminish their chances in negotiations with the regime.

Recently, the presence of US forces has prevented “Russian mercenaries” and regime forces from attempting to seize oil fields and other territory under the control of the SDF.

Experts believe that without their presence the situation would be significantly worse and that nothing could prevent new attacks. The US helps the SDF secure the Syrian border with Iraq, as ISIS continues to maintain its presence in this area. This job will be more difficult without US assistance.


If America withdrew, there would be an escalation of a new conflict and the spread of bloodshed. This chaos could be exploited by ISIS, which has already benefited from the actions Turkey has conducted in northern Syria.

Earlier in March, the United States warned that ISIS had begun its reconstruction in some areas of Syria, as the Turkish offensive in the north had pulled Kurdish allies away from the battle with this terrorist group.

“We are concerned about the effects of the fight and we want to see the ending of hostilities before ISIS gets the opportunity to rebuild it in Syria,” said Pentagon spokesman Colonel Rob Manning, describing the Turkish offensive to Afrin.

The State Department went a step further saying that ISIS had already begun to renew its forces in some places.

US officials warn that a Turkish military campaign against the Kurdish forces in Africa, launched on January 20, could undermine the ISIS fight, as Kurdish fighters began to leave to help their compatriots in this city.

However, the Turks have a different opinion. They believe that this American claim is completely unfounded. Now, former US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson has once said that the US will remain in Syria until the ISIS is defeated.

– The US will hold a military presence in Syria and we will be focused on the fact that ISIS does not strengthen it again. Fighting this group is not yet over, “said Tilerson at Stanford University.


As Russia and the United States are involved in the conflict, this additionally complicates the situation, and these two countries must be careful to avoid a direct conflict. However, they were not always fully successful in this.

According to novices of friends and families of those killed, US air strikes killed several Russians in February, who are engaged to fight on the side of Asad forces.

The US and Russia reflected communication channels to avoid a direct fight but failed to avoid all conflicts.

Angela Stent, director of the Center for Studies in Eurasia, Russia and Eastern Europe at George Town University, told CNN on Friday that “if the US withdraws, Russia will have a free hand in Syria and that the fight against Assad will be weakened.”

“I wonder what the president was thinking when he said something like that,” she said.

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