To prevent school shooters Florida school district gave its teachers small baseball bats

To prevent school shooters Florida school district gave its teachers small baseball bats.

More frequent are armed attacks that occur across US schools. Murders happen mostly because of bizarre cases in which there is no patience and the solution is required by shooting in schools. Instead of genuine arms control, people across the country come up with several fairly innovative ways to protect students from mass shootings after 17 people were shot at Daglas High School High School. Children in Parkland, Florida, are school sporting backpacks, a school district covers students with rope baskets, and other schools buy bulletproof houses for their classrooms.

Since it looks like we’re not getting any real federal measures to control the gun, another school district in Erie, Pennsylvania, was forced to become creative when it comes to protecting its students: armament of each of its 500 mini-teachers, 16 – bats.

According to the “Ery Times News”, teachers in the Milkreek school district donated cheap baseball souvenirs at the end of the training seminar on how to defend themselves from school shooters, which allegedly included several rounds of such practice and more reviews on that scene from the Warriors. Sounds like a safe hurdle against bullet attacks, right?

“This is the last resort,” said Miller chief executive William Hall, for “Erie News Now”. “But it’s an option, and something we want people to be aware of.”

According to Hall, bats “are more symbolic than anything” – a visible reminder that now, instead of teachers performing their jobs for scant salaries, teachers are expected to protect their classrooms from active archers.

“It’s not just about hiding and waiting,” Hall told The Eri Times. “There are options, and one of them is to fight.”

However, there are several other options, among which those that do not involve the forcing teachers to use small wooden clubs to try to prevent a domestic terrorist with a rifle or even arm them, which has not worked so well so far. But since America is not ready to adopt healthy writing laws, it seems that for now we are stuck with small bats, stones and fire extinguishers.

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