The most beautiful Tenerife Beaches

Playa El Médano

El Médano is an affirmed Canarian shoreline resort settled on the south bank of Tenerife. A flawless in length stretch out of splendid sand and superb waves are genuinely what this spot is about. In case you treasure water wears, this is the spot for you.Surfers use one end of the shoreline while by far most of the swimming and sunbathing proceeds at the far side, a long way from the adrenaline junkie, where children can play safely while adults loosen up in the sun. There are a great deal of sunbeds, sunshades and showers, changing workplaces and straightforward access for people with failures. These are just a segment of the reasons why this spot has earned the prestigious Blue Flag honor.

The World Kite Surfing Championship competition happens here reliably where numerous adrenalin-fuelled sportsmen and women take to the sea to perform traps on surfboards added to broad kites.A promenade runs parallel with the shoreline and is fixed with shops, diners, bars and bistros. There are in like manner a couple spots to contract water sport gear and wetsuits. A considerable measure of halting is in like manner close-by like a couple taxi positions.

El Médano makes for an unprecedented day out; faultless to value a customary Canarian shoreline town with a Bohemian turn. Adjacent transports hurried to this resort from an extensive segment of the huge spots on the island so it’s definitely not hard to test the delights before pulling back to the peace and quiet of your motel. Take a gander at Spain-Tenerife proposition on where to stay here and skim the best lodgings at amazing expenses.

Playa de Las Américas

Playa de Las Américas is a clamoring resort on the south shoreline of Tenerife with a reputation for being the spot to party on the island. Revelers race to this exuberant town to value the dynamic nightlife and exciting celebrations. Other than all the upbeat making, this hotspot boasts a couple stretches out of long splendid sandy shorelines that draw in the gathering scanning for a day of sunshine and loosening up.The essential shoreline here has calm waters and is a protected house for holidaymakers reliably. Youths play, couples stroll as an indistinguishable unit on the shore and social affairs of friends hang out.

Workplaces are stunning, stalls offering resuscitating refreshments and solidified yogurts line the sand and you will significantly find volleyball nets in case you are feeling vivacious.

Besides, need to explore different avenues regarding some water sports, there is a wide combination on offer with a great deal of shops acquiring out equipment like surfboards, wetsuits and snorkeling gear. Moreover, barge trips are in like manner open; from spending a day on a privateer vessel to taking an excursion along the coast on a sailboat. Possibly you may need a dolphin and whale-watching trip? On the other hand maybe excursion to the base of the ocean on a submarine safari?

Playa de las Américas is an impeccable spot for a day trip before scrambling toward the safe house of your sumptuous cabin goal. Take a gander at the finest establishments from our recommended rundown around the island, all offering centered expenses.

Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz is the most well known resort in the north of Tenerife gloating one of the island’s most delightful shorelines, Playa Jardín. Brilliant and unmistakable because of its volcanic sand, this is a top spot for a substantial number of sun admirers who experience to this captivating coastline goal reliably.

What kind of people go to Puerto de la Cruz? The answer is; everybody! This is a spot for single people, couples in warmth, social affairs of allies, families and the surrendered. While it is not precisely as exuberant as the famous Playa de las Américas in the south, there is a ton of redirection and nightlife to keep everyone occupied, notwithstanding a genuinely unfathomable supporting of society. It moreover has a reputation for being a region for the watching voyager and the shorelines are absolutely the same.

Playa Jardín was done for peace and loosening up by truly famous architect and skilled worker César Manrique, it stretches out for 3,274 feet (one kilometer) giving you a considerable measure of space and comfort. It continues running from the old bit of town called Punta Brava to Castillo de San Felipe in the west of the town. Palm trees that impact in a fragile sea breeze incorporate the stretch of fine, dull shaded sand. Magnificent blue skies and a great warm sun will take each one of your contemplations away and the mellow waters are the ideal spot for a loosening up dive. Release up on a sunbed, snooze off under a sunshade or grab a fortifying drink from the stand on the sand. Besides, are moreover copious shower workplaces.

Los Cristianos shorelines

Los Cristianos is a mind blowing resort to visit in case you are hunting down fine shorelines and tranquil turquoise waters on the sunny south bank of Tenerife. This calculating town has formed into a prospering spot, standard with sun admirers who contribute hours sprinkling up the shafts on the sensitive splendid sand.

The sea is especially peaceful and has an unfathomable shallow zone, which makes it especially captivating for families with children. Sunbeds and sunshades fill the shoreline, bars and lodges offering sustenance and drinks are touched the separation along the extent of coast. Moreover, there are a couple shower workplaces.

A lovely promenade continues running for a few meters and is squeezed with shops, diners and bistros where you can sit for a significant long time seeing the world cruise by. This abundant and element reach is frequently involved, with various people passing by the resort for a day trip before pulling back to a more quiet and watching goal elsewhere on the island.

Spain-Tenerife has down to earth involvement in the travel business, safeguarding you to get the most out of your get-away. We give all around information on goals, where to go, what to do or all the more all, recommend the best four and five star motels in the finest resorts. We hand pick incredible establishments and have orchestrated to an awesome degree sensible expenses – research our proposition here.

A broad marina is moreover arranged in Los Cristianos, with a variety of watercraft treks on offer including trips where you can spot dolphins and whales swimming. Delivers also take you to the neighboring islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

Playa El Bollullo

El Bollullo is a stunning untainted general shoreline in the stupendous La Orotava Valley in the north of Tenerife.The outing to this Puerto de la Cruz shoreline may take a little time yet it is very much supported, in spite of all the inconvenience – a hid pearl in a splendidly separated spot.Limited roads and pathways fixed with banana farms lead to the way of the shoreline, trailed by steep walks that convey you down to the unlimited locale of volcanic sand.This is a delightful broad limits that is enveloped by enthusiastic feigns. The perspective is radiant, the water is unblemished, the sand is fragile; the setting couldn’t be more perfect for a serene day on the shoreline.A bohemian-style lodge bistro disregards the ocean and is a magnificent spot to sit and watch the world cruise by.This shoreline is not guaranteed by any reefs so waves and streams can get strong once in a while.

Playa de Las Teresitas

The splendid sand of Playa de las Teresitas stretches out for practically one mile (1.5 kilometers); palm trees impact in a fragile warm sea breeze and the phenomenal calm waters are perfect for taking a dive to chill. Welcome to what is by and large seen as a standout amongst the most wonderful shorelines in the north of Tenerife.

Sitting underneath the Anaga Mountains just outside of the capital Santa Cruz in the town of San Andrés, this shoreline is beguiling and a wonderful spot to unwind and value the sunlight. If its all the same to you recollect that a spot with such a respectable reputation tends to get really possessed, especially at weekends. In reality, even with its omnipresence, Playa de las Teresitas stays untainted and could without quite a bit of a stretch be stirred up for a part of the Caribbean coastline.

There is constantly something going ahead, too. Possibly you will take an interest with a session of volleyball or share in yoga and high effect exercise classes that every now and again happen on the sand? Workplaces are incredible, with a great deal of sunbeds, sunshades, showers and an assurance of bars and diners just nearby the shoreline.


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