Thailand – The level of oxygen in the cave has dropped drastically, the diver says: “We soon take action”

The level of oxygen in the cave has dropped drastically, the diver says: “We soon take action”

It’s still not known how children who have been captured in a cave in Thailand for ten days will be rescued. How dangerous and tough the action for their rescue was, the world assured itself in the worst possible way. Namely, one of the rescuers died after diving left without oxygen.

“The conditions inside are tough, he left the tank with oxygen, and on his return he lost consciousness.” His colleague tried to give him first aid but unsuccessfully, “said the Thai Navy Seal Commander, Admiral Apokorn Yo-Kongkaev. “We will not allow his sacrifice to be futile. We will go on,” he said, Reuters reports.

The death of an experienced diver for many is a sufficient sign that a dangerous mission in which children would try to get away with diving through gloomy, narrow tunnels could easily end tragically. Rescuers do not even have a chance to predict the weekend’s heavy rainfall, which will fill the flooded cave with water.

But there was a new big problem. As the “CNN” reports, the oxygen level drops in the cave.

A few days ago, it was said that children in the cave might stay for more than four months, while the water level did not fall. But the death of the experienced diver and the fact that oxygen levels may fall to seriously low new ones will speed up the entire rescue operation.

Commander Aphakorn Yo-Kongkaev said the oxygen level dropped by 15 percent. This could lead to major health problems for children.

“We can no longer wait for all the conditions to be harmonized,” he told reporters.

“At first we thought that children can stay there much longer, but the circumstances have changed. Now we are limited in time,” he added. The new priority is the supply of additional oxygen by means of large tubes.

Entry required from the surface
Because of the whole situation, alternative ways are being sought. Dozens of soldiers, rescuers and locals, as CNN writes, are searching for natural cracks and holes on the surface that could be linked to children. In other words, an unknown entrance to the cave is required, through which rescuers would come to tired children.

A large number of soldiers and other experts comb the forest. This is a heated area, so it is likely that if there is an entrance to the cave, it will be covered with greenery or invisible.

Clearly, there is a whole range of entrances to the cave, but the question is where do they lead. Thus, one seeker, found a potential entry. But it was quickly discovered that it did not lead anywhere.

Soon, writes “CNN,” another entry was revealed, which promised more. A team of six people managed to drop a rope to 275 meters. GPS coordinates have shown that children are only 275 meters away. But disappointment followed.

“It’s a blind street,” someone shouted from the pit.

Help comes from all over the world.

“We came with the Thai military team to look for entrances and holes that would lead to the cave,” said Mario Wilde, a 28-year-old Australian. “For now, there is no success,” he added.

Relatives are waiting in front of the cave, and large precipitation is announced
Relatives of children gathered on Thursday near the cave, and a mother said she had not yet been able to contact her son. The children were given food and water, and at the same time pump the water from the tunnels to reduce its level.

The meteorological service warned on Thursday that heavy rains could be expected in much of the country.

Danish diver: We can start today
The Danish diver Ivan Karadzic, who told Sky News that he expected the rescue operation to begin very soon, also involved in the rescue operation of the children.

“It will be very difficult, but I think that the action will start soon,” he said, “this will be a huge challenge. We could start the action today or tomorrow”


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