Texas Girl Comes Home Covered In Blood, Mom Horrified By What Teacher Did

Texas Girl Comes Home Covered In Blood, Mom Horrified By What Teacher Did


When a Texas mom got a call from her little girl’s school, informing her about a “cut” the student got in class, the mom passed it off as a minuscule thing. She sent the girl’s grandmother to check on the child anyway, who followed a long trail of blood to complete terror, made worse by what the teacher did about it.

Sharina Smith, 9-year-old Saniya Jones’ mother, said that administrators at Pleasantville Elementary in Houston called her on Monday after her little girl had an accident with some scissors in class. It didn’t seem like an urgent matter to the mom, who assumed, “OK children playing with scissors and accidents happen,” as she said told KHOU. That was until the girl’s grandmother, Faye Dorron, arrived to a bloody scene. “This was no accident,” a shaken Smith said well after the fact, irate about the teacher’s strange handling of the horror that happened in her classroom.

Saniya and an 8-year-old classmate had gotten into an argument over whose turn it was to partake in the desired tasks of erasing the blackboard. When Saniya insisted it was her turn, the other child completely lost it and began whaling on the little girl, before grabbing the nearest pair of scissors and stabbing Saniya in the head.Once it escalated to the point of bludgeoning the girl, administrators intervened and put a stop to the brutal altercation, but it was already too late. Little Saniya was covered in blood and the extent of her injuries were more dire than the school may have thought, because they didn’t call paramedics for assistance and allegedly took their time in informing the parents without any kind of urgency.

When Dorron arrived and followed a trail of blood to her granddaughter, she was floored by the sickening scene she faced and immediately rushed the girl to the hospital. Once there, doctors told her she could have died had she waited much longer. Saniya had suffered a lot of blood loss, and it was discovered that the 8-year-old had punctured an artery.

The child attacker was suspended from school but needs to get some extensive mental help after proving the rage the kid has inside. More importantly, child welfare services needs to investigate what’s happening in that 8-year-old’s home, as inflicting such abuse on another, especially at that age, is far from normal.

But chances are, calls to protective services won’t be considered, since the obvious 911 wasn’t even dialed in this emergency situation, and the teacher was pretty lackadaisical about it all. This hasn’t sat well with Smith since her daughter was stabbed under the teacher’s supervision. She’s demanding answers from the school and the district, but she’s not getting them.

There is absolutely no excuse for how administrators handled – or didn’t handle – this horrifying ordeal. The family has every right to be outraged and even seek restitution through legal means. This little girl could have died because they did nothing about it. Perhaps what is a shocking act to most of us was normal in this school. If so, that’s terrifying in itself.

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