You Should Know This if You Want to Travel in CAIRO

April 12, 2017

An ancient site with an incredibly rich heritage, book a flight to Cairo with Qatar Airways and explore one of the Islamic world’s most vibrant cities. Located on the timeless River Nile, Cairo is packed with great museums and historic buildings and is also home to a vibrant, modern society. The iconic pyramids are close by, but it was the Fatimid dynasty that gave the city its modern name. With…


Anyone is welcome to visit Hong Kong-Explore

September 4, 2016

Hong Kong is a champion amongst the most significant overall cash related centres.Hong Kong uses Hong Kong dollar, the thirteenth most traded coin, as real tender.As a considerable amount of Hong Kong’s scene is uneven to sharp with steep inclinations, under 26% of the space’s landmass is made, and around 42% of whatever is left of the region locale is spared as country parks and nature reserves.Most of the area’s…