Young Journalist Asks Hillary One Thing At Book Signing Which In Turn Makes Her an American Hero

September 22, 2017

This brave journalist is a prime example of how a journalist should do his or her job. We need more people like Laura Loomer to make the USA great again. Hillary was in the middle of a book signing for her new book “What Happened” when conservative journalist Laura Loomer approached her with Hillary’s new book in hand. As Hillary began signing her book, Loomer told Hillary it was great to…


Donald Trump the Hero of the Common Man

November 8, 2016

In America, many people had given up on politics.  Our Congress was bought and sold by lobbyists.  Both parties seemed to be the same, the same neocon bombings of other countries.  The same media spin. They felt they had been left behind.  The corporations and profits were all that mattered, not the common man.  They were almost resigned to the fact that they had no say anymore and that ‘we the people ‘ was a…