After Stepping Off Plane in Florida, Trump, Melania and Barron Look Out to See Jaw Dropping Welcome

On Tuesday evening, President Trump, Melania and Barron arrived in West Palm Beach, Florida, where they will spend the Thanksgiving holiday at Mar-a-Lago.

As soon as they stepped off of Air Force One, they noticed something incredible waiting for them on the tarmac.

A huge crowd of his supporters were wildly cheering for our President and his family as they made their way down the stairs to the tarmac. He was so surprised that he even looks over at his Rep. officials and points everyone out.

After greeting those awaiting his arrival on the runway, he instantly walks over towards the huge gathering of Trump supporters. He spends nearly ten minutes with them – greeting everyone personally, shaking hands, and thanking them for supporting his campaign.

Whenever Trump sees people who have come to see him, he ALWAYS takes the time to personally greet them and give his gratitude for their ongoing support. No other President has been this connected to their fellow Americans. This is the reason that Trump won! He is a President FOR the people.

Trump fan are the GREATEST fans America has seen. They fight for truth, they fight for freedom, and they will keep fighting for our President!

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Posted by Roger Aliman

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  1. Who’s the dillweed standing 2 feet higher than anyone else with a camera blocking it all???? That’s about like the bus that came along in front of the cameras just as the Georgia Dome came down! SO RUDE

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