Saggy-Pants Thugs Break Into Wrong Home, Fed-Up Elderly Veteran Delivers Brutal Justice

Saggy-Pants Thugs Break Into Wrong Home, Fed-Up Elderly Veteran Delivers Brutal Justice.

A 79-year-old military veteran in North Carolina was horrified when his wife answered a knock at their door and, instantly, two saggy-pants-wearing thugs rushed in and started to beat him with a drill. As his wife watched in horror, the battered elderly veteran showed his true grit and delivered a dose of brutal instant justice that his attackers will never forget, and rightfully so.

According to local news the heinous home invasion took place at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 9, 2017, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The brazen daytime attack has rocked the local community and given them a true hero to applaud at the same time.

Police said that 79-year-old James Thomas Noah and 77-year-old Barbara Ella Melton were at home that afternoon when they heard a knock on the door. As the elderly woman went to answer the door, she probably never imagined that the two thugs on the other side of it would invade her home and assault her husband in an attempt to rob them.

According to the Associated Press, Noah pulled out a handgun that he kept tucked into his waistband and pointed it at 26-year-old Lourenco Marcus Reed, a resident of Gwinnett County, Georgia. One round in the head was all it took to drop the thug to the floor as his accomplice probably wet himself. The elderly veteran wasn’t about to let these two degenerates murder him or his wife after violating the sovereignty of their home.

According to Police Captain J. Edwards, officers arrived to find Reed unconscious and laying on the floor with a hole in his head. Reed was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where he died days later from his gunshot wound. He picked the wrong veteran to mess with and was sent to meet his Maker. Although Noah had extensive bruising on his face, he and his wife did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

Police say Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill has determined that no criminal charges will be sought against Noah. Police also said that Reed’s accomplice who has not yet been identified was arrested at the scene and taken into custody with his head covered.

“I was smoking a cigarette and the next thing you know I heard a ‘pow.’ First, it was three cop cars, then you see a forensics team, fire truck, then the ambulance,” neighbor Michael Hollis recalled as he was interviewed by Fox8. “That’s when you knew something happened. I heard he was a vet and all this,” Hollis added, speaking of Noah. “Why try to rob him?” he rhetorically asked.

“To hear that he was getting banged on with a drill to the side of his head, able to kick him off and do what he had to do, he was trained properly. He was trained,” Hollis continued. “That goes to show you, don’t judge a book by its cover. He didn’t really want to do what he had to do. But, you’re getting beat on in your house, and your wife is there, what you gonna do?”

Hollis is absolutely right. These two thugs thought they were going to make easy victims of the elderly couple, but they could not have been more wrong.

What drives a person to this kind of brutality? A brief look into Reed’s life on social media shows that the lifestyle he glorified is the main reason he ended up in a coffin so young. In addition to being a violent jerk, Reed fancied himself to be a rap artist in August 2011. His Twitter account includes a telling video that he uploaded of himself to YouTube, titled Reco 3, in which he identifies himself as “Lrjr” (Lourenco Reed Jr). Here is good proof that thugs die young, but the internet is forever.

This degenerate spends almost 2 minutes rapping about chrome, dealing drugs, violence, infidelity, abusing women, and assault. Reed had previously been arrested in Gwinnett County, Georgia, back in November 2011, for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, and simple battery, according to

Every day in our country, law-abiding citizens are beaten, raped, and murdered in their own homes by people like Lourenco Marcus Reed. This punk finally picked a victim who was ready to fight back. Thank God, Noah exercised his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

It won’t be long before Reed’s family and friends are on social media or the news telling us all what a wonderful guy he was. Let’s all keep in mind that he and his accomplice brutally attacked an elderly couple in their own home and his fate was completely self-inflicted. Our prayers go out to the real victims in this story — Mr. Noah and his wife.

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