Narco cartel ‘bursts’: Whoever kills this dog gets $ 70,000!

Narco cartel ‘bursts’: Whoever kills this dog gets $ 70,000!

The six-year-old German Shepherd Dog Sombor, who discovered a record amount of smuggled cocaine in Colombia, has been transferred to the airport for security reasons, finding the mafia’s head on the head, the BBC reported.

Intelligence sources said that a powerful Uranian mob clan Sombrin’s head was blackened to 70,000 US dollars  after finding nearly 10 tons of their cocaine.

Employment has become the most powerful criminal organization in Colombia.

The international airport is considered a safer place for Sombor because it is outside the main area of ​​influence of a mob band, but counterterrorism police do not want to risk it. Sombra got additional police officers escorting her to provide better security during the service.

Sombra worked in ports on the Atlantic coast, including Turbo, a city from which sacks of cocaine sailed to Central America and the United States. It has contracted 5.3 tonnes of cocaine in Turbo, and has recently discovered 4 tonnes of cocaine among car parts destined for export.

Most of the drugs that are smuggled under control are Uranus’ mob clan. Head of the Dario Antonio Usuga, known as Otoniel, is one of the most sought after people in Colombia.

It’s not unusual for Urabenos to offer money to get rid of anyone who gets on their way. In 2012, the police found leaflets that were signed by a mafia gang and offered $ 500 to anyone who killed a policeman. For Sombrino murder, mobsters offer far more money.

Somber has been with the police to fight narcotics since she was a puppy. Thanks to her sniff, 245 suspected drug traffickers were arrested.


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