Mark Zuckerberg Just Revealed Massive Bombshell That Proves Trump Was RIGHT On DACA

Mark Zuckerberg Just Revealed Massive Bombshell That Proves Trump Was RIGHT On DACA.

As President Trump promised, he is doing whatever he can to end the influx of illegal aliens into the United States. Just recently he rescinded Obama’s DACA program, which halts young undocumented aliens from being deported.

As it turns out, while liberals are enraged by this, one liberal just shot themselves in the foot when they revealed this.


This Brilliant Video Explains To Liberals How DACA Hurts Americans:

According to the study, if DACA is repealed it would mean potentially 700,000 American jobs could open up for American citizens.

The study shows that on average, if Trump were to repeal DACA, 30,000 American job opportunities would open up each month. President Todd Schulte touted the results of the study as a loss for America’s business community, saying it would have “severe consequences” on the economy.

WOW! So it turns out that Facebook just admitted that the repeal of DACA would give back over 700,000 jobs back to Americans. They REALLY just shot themselves in the foot BIG LEAGUE.

Mark Zuckerberg started the orginization to research on how DACA is a good thing, but facts will always reveal themselves. The truth is, DACA hurts hard-working Americans. The more research that is done on it, the more it proves that ending DACA was good for America.

If you support Trump’s decision on ending DACA, Share this out everywhere and make it go viral! God Bless!

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  1. Deport every one of them, they have shown how much they Respect our Country, by their very actions they are in medical20 and late 30’s yet not a one of them has filed for Citizenship papers of any sort. but they have filed to sue America they have Rioted and protested and damaged property in our Nation and threatened our President and for over 30 some years American citizens have supported over 800 thousand of these Dreamers and their parents! we have paid for schooling,housing, feeding ,medical and even Free college, well hell yes I guess you could call them Dreamers , and they were Given green cards and s/s numbers clothing,cars, phones and allowed to vote in all elections They have been ilegal since the Day they stepped onto American soil. as were the parents who slipped them into America. Obama did this he signed this and they want to sue him, where was all this put DACA into law! and as he stated this is NOT a legal form this is not a citizen ship pass. the only reason he did this was because Congress and others were to lazy to do their job and so Obama signed a Fake form Both Bush’s , and clinton, and Obama all knew this and Hid the Fact. and allowed them free everything. now that President Trump is demanding it be done right on his watch, he is taking the heat because of Congress and others.he is giving them 6 months to do it and do it right, if any of those other presidents had taken this step it would be a different story. read your facts and get off the presidents back. if you are that Dumb you need to be sent back you are not worth keeping ! we as Americans have Paid enough for you, our Children are Also Dreamers, and we have Americans who need those jobs that you are holding and that money that you are taking from them!.

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