Mark Levin Reveals one Thing Trump Is Doing That Is Driving Progressives Nuts

Mark Levin Reveals one Thing Trump Is Doing That Is Driving Progressives Nuts.

Mark Levin came on to Sean Hannity’s show last night to talk about the recent terror attack in New York City and said that Trump’s idea of extreme vetting immigrants that come from countries that are hotbeds of radical Islam is a great idea.

To begin, Levin points out that the man in charge of killing eight people, Sayfullo Saipov, came to the U.S. in 2010 when he was 22 years old under the “Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.”  The program made available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually and it’s aim was to diversify the immigrant population coming into the U.S.

Levin obviously points out the flaws in having an immigration policy that basically lets anyone in that wins the lottery.

“It’s a lottery system. That’s no way to run an immigration system,” Levin said. “The purpose of immigration is to improve the United States, is to benefit the United States, not to ensure diversity.”

Levin goes on to say that he supports the President’s call for extreme vetting of immigrants from countries that have been known to produce radical Islamic terrorists.

“Donald Trump is following the Constitution, following the statute, trying to protect America,” Levin said. “What the president is saying is, ‘You can’t bring people in from these countries until we figure out what’s going on.’”

Levin points out that the point of immigration has historically been about improving the United States, and if we just let anyone come in from a lottery system, that is not supporting this idea of improving the U.S.

But now that progressivism has taken over this country when it comes to Islamic terrorists and immigrants, and thanks to their sensitive feelings, it is putting American citizens at risk to events like the one that just happened on Tuesday.

Hannity agreed with Levin and agrees that the idea of vetting people and making sure that they don’t want to harm U.S. citizens before they are allowed into the country isn’t a hard concept to grasp and should be easy to implement in the U.S., but thanks to liberals and Democrats screaming “racism” and “Islamaphobia” from all sides that isn’t happening.

“This is progressivism gone nuts. And it’s going to kill a lot more people. And you would have thought after 9/11 that people would take this issue of immigration seriously,” Levin said.

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  1. “Diversity of immigrants” is NOT what this country is about. It’s about letting people in who truly want to become Americans and will work hard for their citizenship and work hard to become part of the hard working men and women who also love this country.

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