Lindsey Graham Challenges Voters: If You’re Against Illegal Immigrants Than Vote Me Out

Lindsey Graham Challenges Voters: If You’re Against Illegal Immigrants Than Vote Me Out.

Lindsey Graham just proved how out of touch he is with the Republican Party. The so-called ‘Republican’ just challenged the voters to vote him out if they are against illegal immigration. “To the people who object to this, I don’t want you to vote for me because I cannot serve you well,” said Graham during a press conference.

Should we get him out of office? Is he really even a Republican? Decide for yourself. Check out the video below.

“The key here is to be fair to the 11 million -illegal immigrants, starting with the ‘Dreamers,’ but convince people we’re going to do what our great friend Ronald Reagan was not able to do, we’re going to actually secure the border, control who gets a job, increase legal immigration so people don’t have to cheat” said Graham.

He went on to argue that this is the only way it can work. “I’ve stopped letting 30 percent of the people who are mad about immigration determine how I behave. To those who feel like you should deport [younger illegals], boy, I couldn’t disagree with you more,” said Graham.

To President Trump, you’re going to have to make a decision. The campaign is over. To the Republican Party: Who are we? What do we believe? . . . When they write the history of these times, I’m going to be with these kids,” said Graham.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is urging his constituents to vote him out of office if they disagree with his ongoing support of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Unfortunately they’ll have to wait a while to take him up on that offer … which as we’ve previously noted is all part of Graham’s plan.

Graham has sponsored legislation that would grant amnesty to roughly 3.3 million illegal aliens – the first step in granting amnesty to all of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens currently residing in our country.

“To the people who object to this, I don’t want you to vote for me because I cannot serve you well,” Graham said during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. “I’ve stopped letting 30 percent of the people who are mad about immigration determine how I behave.”

Graham said “the key here is to be fair to the 11 million” illegal aliens.  Really?  We thought the key was to be fair to the tens of thousands of working age South Carolinians who desperately need jobs.

That’s who Graham represents … or who he is supposed to represent.

Known in Democratic circles as former U.S. president Barack Obama’s “best GOP ally” – Graham is unfortunately not up for reelection in South Carolina until June 2020.

Graham also had some choice words for U.S. president Donald Trump, whose aggressive proposals to secure America’s southern border were instrumental in securing him the GOP presidential nomination.

This website has never breathed fire on the immigration issue – although we have consistently called for government to appropriate more resources to border security.

“Why not stop subsidizing millions of things government shouldn’t be doing and start spending tax dollars on one of the handful of things it should do?” we wrote recently.

We have also consistently called for the elimination of taxpayer benefits for illegals – as well as automatic deportation for violent criminal aliens.

“Those who enter the United States illegally should automatically forfeit their right to American citizenship and taxpayer-funded benefits of any kind,” we wrote in July 2014.  “And illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes should be deported immediately.”

Whatever we think about the morality of the immigration issue, the bottom line is unavoidable: America’s lifeboat is full.

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