Kevin Bacon ‘We Are Blessed To Have Donald Trump As Our President’

Kevin Bacon ‘We Are Blessed To Have Donald Trump As Our President’

President Trump support is growing, most of the fluent american people clearly says Trump is the right US president.One of the many actors who support our president is Kevin Bacon.

In a recent interview for ABC’s “This Week” Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon expressed his unconditional support for President Trump. He stated: “I honestly think that we are blessed to have him as President – he is the only one who can take care of all this mess.”

Kevin Bacon ‘We Are Blessed To Have Donald Trump As Our President’.Bacon continued, “The president is smart and powerful.I think he attacks anyone he perceives or believes is attacking him or the country.”

“He should be given the Medal of Freedom for talking his mind in such a bold, honest, and straightforward manner.” Bacon added.Kevin Bacon ‘We Are Blessed To Have Donald Trump As Our President’

“The reality is that people need to start fighting for this country together with him instead of criticizing and wasting their time on stupid things.” He proceeded.

“How about we have a go at something new. How about we run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can carry out the activity, lands the position,”

“He has no speechwriters, no editing, no nothing. You just have to like the guy.”

“Trump is not a politician. He does not need your money, and he will speak his mind, God damn it, whether you like it or not.”What do you think about this? Share this story and leave a comment below.

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  1. all of Trumps attributes r good 4 this country. not the globalist vision of Obama. They want 2 make us a welfare state n a 3rd world country, socialism will not work, it never has. there will b many people n poverty(200 million) with no hope of making their life better. see Venezuela

    1. You are 100% correct!!! Thank God for President Trump!!! He is fighting for America and Americans pretty much all by himself!!! If Hillary would’ve gotten That’s exactly where we would be!!! If more Americans don’t wake up soon and realize he’s not a racist that’s lies spewed by the msm he’s not a white supremacist that’s lies spewed by the msm over and over again until they are brainwashed they would see that he’s here to save our America!!! Wake Up People the MSM is evil they are not journalists they all read from scripts handed to them by the owners or handlers!!! They are evil people that are controlling this Country!! Sadow Men have been running this Country and Trump doesn’t listen this is why they hate him so much!! They want the Money Greed and Power and will kill to have it!!! Evil evil people!!! Please folks get the Book called SHADOW MEN by Dr. Anthony Napoleon it will tell you a lot!!!

      1. Why do I NOT see anything pro-Trump on Kevin Bacon’s Twitter feed? Rather, there are some retweets that would not be typical of a conservative. Then I tried to find an ABC interview as mentioned, and struck out on that. I check into things because I don’t want to follow celebrities on Twitter that I can’t verify. I do not think that Kevin Bacon said those things or is a conservative. If you can find something to correct me, please do.

  2. Kevin Bacon , James Woods , & others who use to be silent celebs know and see the difference that POTUS is making. They put their emotions in check, read, hear, evaluate, use wisdom and see the fruit from this administration THEN decide.

      1. I hope you will take an honest look at what has happened since you posted this. Truth will come out. It has started and there is much more to come. We have lived through decades of hidden agendas and unspoken horrors. In the coming months we will hear some things that will be very hard to stomach and will test our faith in humanity. We need to stand with each other and behind this President. He has a job to do. He needs our support.

      2. Thats just brilliant, Mueller has nothing on this president yet you libs keep pushing the same old sad story. Grow up and realize the crook HC lost and Trump is president. The whiney left is an embarrasement to our great country.

      3. You sound like an idiot. Mueller, Clintons, Obama, Comey and the rest of the Soros cabal should all be indicted and sent to prison. They are all traitors of the US, trying every trick in the book to bring down someone like Trump whom they know is a true patriot and a threat to their insidious socialist agenda. They are still reeling that their plan to place Killary in the WH was thwarted by a non politician who is showing the world what real leadership is. Despite all the fiery arrows aimed at him by his opponents who are scraping the barrel, Trump will go down in history as a brave, tenacious patriotic president.

  3. I was on the fence on election night. But, time has proven this man is a fabulous President. Trump supporter for life.

  4. I always liked Kevin but now even more. Well done Kevin , I can’t quite understand the blindness of that beseaches others like deniro and Depp , whom I no longer respect and boycott
    Where would the world at the moment be heading without Donald Trump at the moment.
    Look at Kerry in Iran and Obama shadowing for the Muslims truly depicting their their treacherous legacy. Look at doj and fbi . If that’s patriotism Bob’s my uncle

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