Kathy Griffin: I ‘Stand By That Photo’ Of Trump’s Severed Head

Kathy Griffin: I ‘Stand By That Photo’ Of Trump’s Severed Head

“I just think it’s important for me to stand by that photo”.

After apologizing for her photo holding the severed head of President Trump, and then taking back that apology, comedienne Kathy Griffin now says she’s proud of the picture.

In a GQ roundtable discussion between fellow comedians about the line between an “offensive” joke and a joke that is just “pushing the boundaries,” Griffin lamented about how hard her life has been since she decided to pose for a photo in which she held President Trump’s bloodied, decapitated head.

“The s**t I’ve been through in the last year is just unbelievable,” she lamented.

The star of former Bravo show My Life on the D-List called out Cohen for allegedly giving her cocaine backstage at his Watch What Happens Live “clubhouse” because she wanted “to illustrate a double standard. If it was me [offering drugs backstage], somebody at Bravo would have said, ‘You have to go.’ When you’re a woman, you get one fuckup, and it’s over. When you’re a guy, you get chance after chance after chance.” Cohen has denied the claims.

Griffin also slammed her former attorney, Lisa Bloom, for turning a June press conference into a PR disaster, claiming that Bloom was only using her case for her own benefit.

“It turned out she wanted me to do an infomercial for her,” Griffin said. “When I walked into that room, I had no idea there was going to be a banner above my head that said LisaBloom.com. I didn’t know she was going to Velcro herself to my shoulder so she couldn’t be cut out of any shot. I didn’t know she was going to hand me a mug that said LisaBloom.com. I got all of that in under three seconds.”

(Bloom told The Hollywood Reporter that Griffin was the one who decided to speak “off the cuff” despite the pair preparing statements for several hours beforehand. Of the mugs, Bloom said, “Our mugs have the firm’s name on them. And that sign is always up. It’s pretty standard.”)

At present, Griffin said she is working with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams (one of her former improv students at the Groundlings school back in the Eighties) to develop possible TV ideas, and is working on new material for stand-up in hopes of making a big comeback.

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