Joy Behar Attacks Melania Trump On Her Birthday

Joy Behar Attacks Melania Trump On Her Birthday

The co-hosts of ABC daytime talk show “The View” exploded in a vicious fight on Thursday after one of the liberal hosts decided that she wanted to attack First Lady Melania Trump on her birthday. The panel was discussing President Donald Trump’s interview with “Fox & Friends” that happened right before “The View” came on the air, and Joy Behar could not help but use it to take a cheap shot at Melania.

The hosts were talking about the part in President Donald Trump’s interview where he acknowledged that his attorney, Michael Cohen, represented him in proceedings with porn star Stormy Daniels.

“Michael represents me, like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me,” Trump said. “And from what I’ve seen, he did absolutely nothing wrong. There were no campaign funds going into this.”

As the president said when the “Fox & Friends” interview started, it is his wife Melania Trump’s birthday. That fact was something Joy Behar could not resist. “Today is Melania’s birthday,” Behar said. “Happy birthday Melania.”

 “That was necessary!” the show’s lone Republican Meghan McCain, the daughter of Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain said. “Come on! That’s so mean!”

Behar acted like she had no idea what McCain was talking about. “What was mean about it?” Behar protested. “What was mean about it, Meghan? Tell me what was mean.”

McCain discussed how on Wednesday “we all talked about how we collectively like Melania” before Behar interrupted her to insist that she does like the first lady.

“You’re making fun of her pain!” Meghan McCain said. Joy Behar argued that she was not making fun of Melania Trump with her snide remark. “You are! You are! And that’s exactly what you just did,” McCain shouted.

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But Behar placed the blame on McCain for not having a sense of humor. “I’m not making fun of her,” she said. “You know what? You have no sense of humor. That’s your problem.”

“It’s not that I have no sense of humor it’s that I feel bad for our first lady!” Meghan McCain said. That’s when one of the other President Donald Trump detractors on the panel, Sunny Hostin, chimed in to defend Joy Behar and attack the president.

“I feel bad that she married this man that is doing this to her,” Hostin said. “That’s where I’m at.”



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