James Woods warns of civil war if Democrats succeed in removing Trump

James Woods warns of civil war if Democrats succeed in removing Trump.

On Thursday, actor-producer James Woods warned on Twitter that civil war could break out if Democrats succeed in removing Donald Trump, essentially overturning the 2016 election in a coup d’etat.

“If the #Democrats manage to reverse this election with their usual dirty tricks, there will be #CivilWar,” he warned.  “This is not going to end well.”

Democrats aren’t the only ones involved in what is increasingly being seen as a coup against Trump.  As Faye Higbee wrote on Thursday, Robert Mueller has convened a grand jury in the investigation/witch hunt of conspiracy theories that claim Trump colluded with Russians to win the election.

As Higbee noted, some alleged “Republicans” are actually working to protect Mueller from any action by Trump:

Some lawmakers have even proposed checks to keep Trump from firing Mueller. The problem with that is they may be encroaching on the enumerated Executive powers of the President. Where were they when Obama ran away with the Executive Branch over the top of Congress? They were nowhere to be found.

Senators Lindsey Graham (R) and Cory Booker (D) introduced the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act (SCIPA) in an effort to prevent the President from firing Robert Mueller. It would require a panel of Federal Judges to decide whether the Special Prosecutor should be fired. So they have taken the step around the Executive Branch entirely to hamstring him for any actions at all. That action may not be Constitutional.

Ty Cobb, Special Counsel to the President stated, “We favor anything that brings this investigation to a swift conclusion.” He stated that the President will cooperate fully with Mr. Mueller.

“Which is all fine and dandy as long as the investigation is on the up and up,” she added.

And there’s the problem.

Mueller, for example, has loaded his team with Clinton donors, is going far beyond the charges of Russian meddling, and, Vox said, former FBI Director James Comey and other FBI higher-ups are possible witnesses:

Shortly after the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller in May, Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe told several of the highest-ranking managers of the bureau they should consider themselves possible witnesses in any investigation into whether President Donald Trump engaged in obstruction of justice, according to two senior federal law enforcement officials.

McCabe has told colleagues that he too is a potential witness in the probe of whether Trump broke the law by trying to thwart the FBI’s Russia investigation and the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Two senior federal law enforcement officials have told me that the new revelations illustrate why they believe the potential case against Trump is stronger than outsiders have thought.

“What you are going to have is the potential for a powerful obstruction case,” a senior law enforcement official said. “You are going to have the [former] FBI director testify, and then the acting director, the chief of staff to the FBI director, the FBI’s general counsel, and then others, one right after another. This has never been the word of Trump against what [James Comey] has had to say. This is more like the Federal Bureau of Investigation versus Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, actual collusion by Hillary Clinton and leaks by so-called “Deep State” Obama holdovers are being ignored.

Since Trump’s election, liberals and Trump-haters of both parties have sought to remove him from office by any means necessary.  Woods is right — if they succeed in overturning the election, there will be hell to pay, and it won’t be pretty.

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  1. The threats of a Civil War by tough guys seem to forget that the Democratic voters were at least 3,000,000 more than trump supporters, plus the number of trump previous votes, who are now sorry they did, are more numbers!!..
    You need to accept the fact that trump and his cabinet are corrupt and need to be prosecuted for their actions!
    America and its citizens need and deserve justice!!….

    1. I’m fine with that, let’s reduce the number of morons in the country. If they start the fight we can defend ourselves. We are ready only if attacked.

    2. WHAT IS WRONG with this olddies cowboys? I don’t care if he is an lowsy actor or mother Teresas this people are threatening our peace and liberty because they don’t like a moron full of BS and lier, manipulator, evil, et etc… and don’t care for the rest of the country? what is wrong with them? they really are as nuts as this crazy phsycho corrupted crook that call himself president. Something is missing in their brain.

    3. You are absolutely right.
      How can the world be lead by a shameless corrupt team just to avoid a threat of a “civil war”
      Mr. James Woods, for your information isn’t just the Democrats that want Mr Trump out the White House but the Republicans too.

      1. That’s a load of nonsense. There’s 60 million of us that voted for him, and we still love him. Quit listening to the fake media. The only Republicans that want him out are the GOP members who are in bed with the Democrats in our government. They want their high salaries and their lobbyists, and their payoffs, and Trumps is bad for business for them. They don’t give a crap about the American people. But the rest of us Republicans absolutely love this man. He is an all American hero. It’s about time we got someone with common sense in the White house.

    4. Yes all the real progressives will let all the Hillary centrists and all the far right kill each other, we won’t take sides in that conflict either! Because we will wait until almost all of you have killed each othe and severely weakened each other, then we will take out the last of both sides of you with our 56% of the population!

    5. 3,000,000 illegal voters you mean!!!! It’s a proven fact that illegals, dead people and multiple voting voters made up that 3,000,000!!! Remember the Vertigas video of the guy admitting they’ve been cheating for 50 years?? Well, We The People are sick of the cheaters, liars, thieves and morons that have been runnng this country inzto the ground the past 8 years!!! The past 8 years has been the quickest descent of morale, race relations and overall chaos since the 1960’s. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a PATRIOT FIRST! Not a Republican or a Democrat!! He truly believes in this country and wants to bring it back up to standard.
      Obama was the worst President ever in or history and I thank God everyday Hillary did not win to carry on his destruction of this country!!! Deport every last one of those Muslim “refugees” and illegal aliens that came in from the South that are sucking off our teats.
      Put all Government Employees and office holders on Obamacare !! That’ll make zither get rid of it real quick! Get rid of the United Nations – talk about sucking off our teats!! And BUILD THAT WALL!!!! You bunch of lily-livered, Bleating Heart Liberals are absolutely sickening & STUPID!!!

    6. I agree, if these fools push President Trump out of office we should have a civil war. Hillary Clinton and Obama should be in prison for the things they have done. Our country cannot survive more of their bull****.

  2. I don’t think so… Here’s why… 5 Points (+):

    1) trump doesn’t really have that many supporters -38mill. at most (and that’s an over estimate). They are made to look like more (both in numbers and vehemence) than they are by fox news etc.

    2) The people that show up at those rally’s ready to fight, are ever decreasing.

    3) Even if they won’t admit it, all the trump supporters know there is something wrong with his presidency – both internally (he is not psychologically stable) and externally (there was something nefarious about his election) There are three things you cannot hide: the sun the moon and the truth- even the most blood thirsty trump voter knows there is more than one thing wrong here.

    4) People are recognizing his lack of loyalty to supporters. Even the most unhinged and racist members of his administration (Sessions and Bannon) are thrown under the bus when he feels frightened.

    5) I suspect/hope all this leaking to multiple news sources is part of “the plan” make sure people have a long line of reasoning to draw from when his is removed from office.

    6) (Extra- for those of you that were able to read to the end) He is not someone people are willing to die for. The majority of his supporters are over 50 and have lived long enough to know better. When they calm down consider placing their own , or their children’s lives, on the line for trump they will think twice, and a third time.

    1. man you democrats really are fucking stupid, with your Russian collusion BS ,you idiots really do live in fantasy world ,one that your Traitor ex so called president brain washed you weak minded retards with lol, Trump is totally innocent, you sorry ass losers are just mad because you lost the election. and people will load up their guns a march on washington because they are sick of all of the democratic corruption there is no end.

    2. I agree with you, almost in all. But Bannon, Trump is terrified of him. He ”owns him ” secrets? blackmail? who knows.

    3. I believe there will ba a few idiots who will go into Black and Brown neighborhoods shooting around the country and they may try to hurt a democratic senator or congressperson. There may be a short lived revolt, but there will be a revolt. You’ll have racist cops gunning down innocent non threatening persons of color out of their anger and hate of Liberals and Black people. They know they can get away with that but Black and Brown people will fight back.

      And that’s what they want. They want to try and fool other White Americans that their America is under seige. That is the dog whistle Janes Woods is blowing. He, and those of his ilk, are in for a rude awakeningig and a big suprise. Remember, Trump used racism, xenophobia, and fear to get elected so they’re going to try to start a race war. I see through what he is saying as clear as day.

    4. 1. Trump DOES have that many supporters. We just don’t make as much noise as the rest of you folks who are totally clueless about what’s REALLY going on in this country.
      3. There is NOTHING wrong with his presidency. This man is the first one we’ve had since Reagan who has a brain in his head. He cares about the people, and he’s tired of lawlessness and injustice. We are behind him all the way.
      4. He did not throw Sessions and Bannon under the bus. They are still avid supporters. Quit listening to the fake media.
      5. All this ‘leaking’ to the media is by dishonest and conniving politicians who are threatened by Trump’s administration. They stand to lose a lot of money if he starts cleaning up the swamp. They will do anything to bring him down. THEY need to go.
      6. I wouldn’t be so sure. Trump stands for America- the America our forefathers built. People who fight for Trump know they are fighting for America the way we were ORIGINALLY, not the perverted mess we’ve become.

  3. James thanks for reminding me to avoid any movie or TV show you may be involved in now and in the past….frankly I can’t think of one movie or show one that I could consider ‘Memorable”….and for the rest of your commenters…Kiss Off…you scare absolutely no one. !

  4. Anyone can be a US citizen. Not all are Americans. You may want to consider backing off your cult obsession as long as Syria pilots equipped with Russian weapons are firing at American pilots. Or not. You may want to consider why you support a draft dodger versus the ex Marine who served in Vietnam. Or not. You may want to consider not being so quick to pat yourself on the back as an UnAmerican.. I bet my money on the eagle soaring again. But then, I’m proud of the fact I believe in the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

  5. OK then Mr Admin. You think threatening the American People will keep that traitor in office? You think…Mr Admin…That you threats will survive the overwhelming evidence against trump? You think…Mr Admin…That you can threaten the United States Government with war to protect your criminal in our White House? Finally…Mr. Admin…How can the Democrats impeach trump when the Republicans control both Houses? REPUBLICANS will impeach trump because he is traitor, a criminal, and an enemy of the State! Don’t put this on Democrats…Mr. Admin.

    1. He has to do the gop line.. Its akways blane the democrats when gop screws up..
      They the obstrutionist and haters yet blame others..
      Civil war will come if justice not done..i think to much by trunp proves something going on illegal.. Mr woods i gather not a lawyer or a political hack to know reality of matter..

  6. Trump and Russia????????? Take that away and there’s plenty of other stuff to talk about why he sucks as a president and disrespects the office. Wake up America, if this man is going to make America great again lets see something get done that he promised!

  7. The Democrats CANNOT remove him!! And while I am NOT suggesting AT ALL that our President has done ANYTHING which warrants impeachment, if it DOES turn out that ANY President or Vice President is guilty of crimes which warrant that action, it requires a 2/3’s vote of the Senate to convict! That means 67 Senators, which means that right now, ALL the Democrats and Independents PLUS 19 Republicans would need to vote to convict that person! So, James Woods, the Democrats CANNOT remove our President!! Period!! So, while I enjoy you as an actor, I don’t think that your opinion on any political topics, is more important or wiser than mine, or anyone else’s, or for that matter, those of an even EXTREME liberal like Martin Sheen! We can ALL venture it, and we ALL have the same 1 vote!! But honestly, if that scenario develops, and all the Democrats, plus Independents AND 19 Republican Senators ALL find a President – ANY President! – to be guilty of an impeachable offense, as an American who believes in our Constitution, I will support THEIR decision! And if THAT leads to a civil war?…Oh, well!! We’ve had one before! We survived it, and we will survive another! And I served MY country before, and would serve and support MY country, MY Constitution and MY flag again without a moment’s hesitation! It saddens me greatly to see that others only support America and the Constitution, when they like and agree with it!! In my opinion, people like that are NOT real Americans!!.But, hey, that’s just me!!….(And in answer to some of the other comments, “I’m also locked, loaded,and ready to support America and our Constitution in a minute!!”)…

    1. NO NO NO. NO CIVIL WAR. WHAT THE H* are we talking about? someone in the governement will do something if these inept, and incompentents in the W.H. don’t do anything. THIS IS THE MOST unreal situation, ever. Are they all of them crazy ?

    2. Exactly!!! My question is how these people who pursue a civil war will also be able to fight North Korea, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Germany, and all the Muslims while they are busy fighting liberals in a civil war. Liberals aren’t the only ones that hate him. Approximately 60 other countries took part in the Women’s March, the day after inauguration and many did so bc of Trump. He is hated all over the world….not just by liberals. If they do start a civil war, it will be their last…. Bc Trump is globally hated and we would be so weakened, it would pretty much be guaranteed that a foreign power would strike.

    3. A Civil War is more likely be caused by Dicktator Donnie trampling on states rights as well as those of his so called, Sanctuary cities. He’s also trying to shred the Constitution.
      Western States have seen large groups pop up trying to organize secession.
      The attacks on clean air/water and energy ( clean energy and research have become big business out here. The Industries have quickly become a significant part of our economies.
      Water is more Precious than gold in the west don’t mess with our clean water. We don’t have enough now.
      Attacking our national parks and monuments is another big no no, we are already protesting in force to protect them.

  8. Why are you propagating this propaganda? It is not the liberals trying to overturn the election. This is an investigation into what seem to be common practices by the person elected by the electoral college that are illegal and treasonous. I’m not okay with Russia interfering in our election and I want to know why so many people in and close to this administration had so many meetings with Russians. If they were all innocent meetings, why lie about them? If nothing is there, let the investigation prove it. Why obstruct the investigation? We deserve the truth. There are way too many questions that need answers and articles like this that spread known lies and purport civil war are dangerous and an insult to the people of this country. Please stop spreading fear and animosity. We don’t need more division.

  9. Oh. There is going to be hell to pay. Damn sure there is. But it not be a civil war to worry about. It will be the revolution of fair and free thinking democracy loving patriotic members of this country who have had it beyond up to here with sniveling selfserving scumbag in it for themselves politicians who have sucked this nation dry with the two faced, double talking, duplicitous bullshit and lies.
    And quite frankly, we are fed the fuck up. So a revolution of sanity and legitimate ass kicking all the twits to the curb and then to the pokey will be the order of the day.
    Now. Granted, the there may be a few racist bigots christ-nazis who have mistakenly have allowed themselves to entertain the foolish notion that their twisted jesus has been “blessing” them these last few months.
    No jesus I know harms another just so a few can get their blessedness in.
    That’s not a civil war. That is just a necessary attitude adjustment. And societal correction.

  10. Stop with your violence, your all fucking crazy White Trash Vanilla ISIS White Trash Poor and Uneducated America. You will go to prison for your hate crimes, you can’t do what you want to people you don’t know is that what you want, take yourself out, do the world a favor. Go fuck rape and eat your own children and your kind . Go for it kill each other White Devil Race. hahahahahahahahaaaa suck trump cock

  11. The trend right now is proving the opposite. Republicans are losing the fear of losing face and are then coming around to the idea Trump has to go. They are trying to figure out how to do this without losing an election themselves. When they realize they will win if they vote against him, they will not be so afraid. They are learning right now that those few Republican leaders who are now speaking against Trump are safer for reelection, they will come around to help remove him from office.

    1. Liberals WON the civil war, conservatives lost. The political parties have switched places since then. Try googling DIXIECRATS for an education. Unless you’re going to tell me the south is liberal and the north is conservative.

      1. I made a comment you need to read because you are so wrong, but I guess in your world this is what you were taught. Revision is the only thing you have. I have links that can give you a real education instead of the made up crap you were taught by the left in our schools.

  12. Looks like the bad guy role Woods had in White House Down went to his mentally unstable head. And he obviously has no interest in finding our if indeed Trump and his campaign did collude. Well, he does NOT speak for me and about 2/3 of this country who DO want this investigation, grand jury included, to continue to get to the bottom of it!!! Don’t call yourself an American and patriot, Woods, if you don’t believe our very democracy is at stake.

  13. Are you threatening violence and a willingness to destroy our nation! How unpatriotic are you? Rump is not worth this kind of talk!

  14. You fucking people are deluded. Do you really think that democrats are the minority?!!
    And as for you, woods, bring your sorry, wasted old ass to my house and insult me. See what happens. It WON’T be pretty.

  15. James Woods I’ve always really liked you as an actor. But as an old Vietnam vet i disagree with you bigly. We are going to get rid of trump for several crimes against our great country. Do not get in my way or you will get run over. Trump is going down. Stay in Hollywood with your young girlfriends.

  16. This is redundant and I don’t believe that this is true! I hope that everyone can get rid of trump and his team mates immediately and the country will cheer for the best interests of our country and he will be held accountable for his own actions!

  17. I’m hoping that trump and his associates will be held accountable for their actions and the country will cheer for themselves as we will always be able to stand together for our country!

  18. Trump and his associates will be held accountable for their actions and our country will cheer for themselves as we are stronger than him and his associates!

    1. I’m so happy that Mueller is going to be able to help with the investigation and he will be successful against trump and his associates

      1. Our country is stronger than the republicans who have been against our country and we will always support our country! Trump and his associates will be held accountable for their actions!

  19. Those who would threaten civil war simply because justice officials judiciously pursue an important investigation, regardless of where the evidence leads, are themselves anti-democratic.

  20. This is a dirty shame that the dems, some RINO, Soros, Clintons, Obamas & others are out to destroy America . They would have had it almost accomplished if Hillary would have been elected,but enough american voters that care about saving our country saw whst was happening & got out to vote President Trump in. Thank God for that. I pray God will continue to lead & inspire us the true american people. God Bless President Trump, his family, all of congress that is acting in behalf of what the people elected President Trump to do & all of the american people that God will be our leader & strength.

      1. Never. I have only myself to forgive and those who I feel have hurt me. While I may ask others to forgive me if I have harmed them. If I say I asked god to forgive me does that mean that’s all I have to do to set things right? Does that mean I don’t have to make reparations for my wrongful acts?

    1. When trump’s plane landed in New Jersey, a Russian plane landed a few hours later. Do you think that was coincidental? Vladimir Putin is watching trump like a hawk to make sure He is still doing what PUTIN tells him to do. Do you believe in fighting for democracy? We do!!

    2. Such a pathetic, divisive brainwash. See that Thou dost protest too much. Shake it off!! The investgation is necessary. 45 isn’t worth such petty incitements to violence. Threats and calks for extreme violence do not prove you right. Sober up and calm down. Trust our process for godsake. Clutching the flag does not make one patriot…when you threaten other Americans.

    3. Uh. The people did not vote for president trump. The electoral college did. There’s only 400 -500 electors that are determined by voter registration party declarations. If more people register to vote as republicans then they get more electors for that area, the area of which I’d determined by where the political boundary lines have been drawn.
      Although the electors then are expected to vote along party lines, they don’t have to. Thats what happens when the popular vote goes for one candidate and the electoral vote goes another, is some electors cross over and vote against their own party, often swept away by charisma or lack of rational thinking.

  21. “Where were they when Obama ran away with the Executive Branch over the top of Congress? They were nowhere to be found.”

    This isn’t what happened. Obama ran away with nothing – at every turn he was almost paralyzed by obstructionist Republicans, some of them came out and said their agenda was to stop him, rather than better the country. He had to compromise every goal to get it done, and it’s amazing he got as much done as he did. Not really a valid comparison to trying to stop president trump from vastly overreaching his authority

  22. Did James Woods actually READ THE CONSTITUTION? Does he even have a clue about CHECKS AND BALANCES? If President Obama had been nearly so egregious in his uses and abuses as (the)DONALD has been, do you think the Congress, even in his own Party, would have tolerated it? President Obama was, and is, a Constitutional Law Scholar, and fair interpreter of the the Constitutional rights, privileges, and RESPONSIBILITIES of the office. “TRUMP™” definitely is not, and needs a strong CONGRESS to reign him in or we will be dealing with a toxic orange autocrat.

    If those who are so supportive of “TRUMP™” ache for a civil war to regress the Nation back to the days when Francis Scott Key was “hostage” on a British Ship (HMS Tonnant), there are those of us who are no less willing to fight them, and defend the “… Blessings of Liberty, for ourselves and our Posterity, …”.

  23. Stop electing crooks who also happen to engage in traitorous actions. Trump must go and that no one in the GOP can see that proves they never understood patriotism to begin with. Who knew that Republicans actually wanted to allow Russians full access to our Oval Office. Shame on all of you!

    1. He has one character in his acting quiver. Always cast as the loudmouthed, reactionary asshole. Always. No acting needed.

  24. I’m sorry a has-been actor is going to start a civil war?

    James Woods was never anything but a character actor in a few minor movies. Fuck him.

  25. There is much with which to take issue here, but the the most glaring is the assertion that the executive’s enumerated powers may inhibit congressional over site. Article II of the Constitution contains no limiting prohibition. This would have been so easy to check. I have to wonder if the author has ever read the document.

  26. Trump is overturning himself, he has been acting like a despot and whining when the courts prevent him doing anything he wishes.
    This man ACTUALLY blamed democrats because they refused to support throwing 23 million americans off healthcare.
    He doesn’t actually grasp what is going on at all!

  27. Who cares what @realjameswoods has to say or thinks? I for sure don’t.

    Blame the democrats if you want but half of the GOP wants 45 gone too.

    Bring it on!

  28. If Trump is found guilty of wrongdoings then he should be removed from office. No dirty tricks needed. Just the facts Mam, just the Facts!

  29. While most of America is armed to the teeth most of those support Republicans and our rights as far as day to day issues most democrats are still trying to figure out which bathroom to use wont be much of a war democrats will be easy to spot they’ll be the ones having time out sessions

  30. Lol trump has them all looking like fools as far as a war Lol bring it on better tp settle it here than from another country declaring war on innocent people because of his ignorant stupidity.

  31. Thanks James for saying it like it is. And all you who are saying, bring it on with a civil war, don’t worry- we will. Most of you don’t deserve to live here and enjoy the freedoms that thousands of others before us sacrificed themselves for. Where were you when all the crimes were committed by that ex Pres? huh? Now you’re grunting like the pigs you are. You will be met with the real resistance soon.

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