ISIS plan & threaten the UK with chemical weapons

 ISIS plan & threaten the UK with chemical weapons.


Isis wants to carry out a chemical weapons attack in Britain, the national security minister warns

Ben Wallace describes the extreme Islamist group’s ambition as ‘everybody’s worst fear’

The Isis terrorist group wants to carry out a “mass casualty” chemical weapons attack in Britain, the national security minister has warned – describing it as “everybody’s worst fear”.

Ben Wallace said Isis had already used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, where it controls large areas.

Furthermore, the Moroccan authorities apprehended a cell in February that was harbouring substances that could be used to either make a bomb or a “deadly toxin”.

Mr Wallace said: “The ambition of IS [Isis is also known as Islamic State] or Daesh is definitely mass casualty attacks. They want to harm as many people as possible and terrorise as many people as possible.

“They have no moral objection to using chemical weapons against populations and if they could, they would in this country. The casualty figures which could be involved would be everybody’s worst fear.

“We have certainly seen reports of them using it in Syria and Iraq (and) we have certainly seen aspiration for it in Europe.”

The comments, in a Sunday Times interview, came before the suspected terror attack that killed at least 39 New Year revellers at a Turkish nightclub.

Officials said at least one gunman reportedly wearing a Santa costume murdered a police officer and a civilian outside Istanbul’s famed Reina nightclub before bursting inside.

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