ICE Director Wants To Lock Up California Gov. Jerry Brown

ICE Director Wants To Lock Up California Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., says he has not decided yet whether he’ll sign into law a “Sanctuary State” bill passed by the state legislature last weekend.

Brown made the remarks immediately following a press conference at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum Wednesday in New York City, after he was asked about increasing pressure from the White House to refrain from signing the bill.

“I have to read their arguments,” said Brown, saying he hasn’t decided yet.

Brown noted that the “sanctuary state” bill had been revised and that in his view, it seems public safety protections had been added to the bill.

Brown’s response comes as the White House has been increasing pressure on Brown, urging him to stand down on the bill and calling it “unconscionable” that the nation’s largest state would thumb their nose at federal immigration policy.

At a speech to federal law enforcement officers at a United States Citizenship and Immigration Office in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed the Golden State’s governor and urged him to consider public safety, threats to national security, and the safety of law enforcement officers.

One of President Trump’s first executive orders aimed to crack down on sanctuary cities and revoke funding for any city that harbored illegal immigrants. Miami-Dade County reversed its long-standing policy as a sanctuary city.

But California has doubled down on sanctuary policies.

Sessions cited the recent killing of 23-year-old San Francisco community volunteer Abel Esquivel who was robbed and killed by two illegal immigrants in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. The crime comes on the heels of other instances of illegal immigrant criminal activity, including the killing of Kate Steinlewhose case became a rallying cry for the Trump campaign in 2016.

“Sadly, after these tragic cases, the legislature in California—where these tragedies occurred—has now passed legislation to further limit law enforcement cooperation with immigration enforcement…” Sessions said in his remarks. “I urge Governor Brown not to sign this law that is in front of him. The bill risks the safety of good law enforcement officers and the safety of the neighborhoods that need their protection the most. There are lives and livelihoods at stake.”

Asked whether he believes it would harm public safety, Brown countered.

“It conforms to federal law,” said Brown. Then, in typical Jerry Brown style he turned the tables and added, “I would urge the Trump administration to take a second look at the policy of immigration.”

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  1. Governor moonbeam Brown is a moron leading a state full of them….called Democrats. My state has gone to hell, need I say it is turning into an s-hole very fast. They spend money we don’t have, approve building in already dense areas when our water supply is already an issue, they tax and spend yet basic services suffer due to gov’t regulation and control.

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