His daughter gave birth to a son: He killed both of them, her stepfather, and judged herself

There are so many strange staff going on.One of the most bizarre this that happen lately.  Steven Ploughl killed his daughter (20), a seven-month-old baby he received in an incestuous relationship with her, her stepfather, and then judged herself.

Bowl began a bloody march in North Carolina where he first killed Bennett’s son. Then he killed Katie’s daughter and her fathers Anthony Fusca in Connecticut (56). Their bodies were found in a pickup truck along the road. Steven Pladl (43) was found dead in a car in New York. Police from three countries are trying to determine the sequence of events that led to this massacre.

The reason for the crime is probably that Katie has broken her relationship with her father. The police determined this after talking to Steven’s mother.

– She broke up with him over the phone. He told me that he was on his way to New York to go to her and that he would be back soon. He admitted he killed the baby. He told me to report to the police and not go there. He said there was no one in the house and that the key was left under the mats, “she said.

The father and daughter, who illegally married last summer, were arrested in January after receiving a statement that the couple had a child in an incestuous relationship. The hearing was scheduled for April 23rd, Sun writes.

The pair came into contact after Katie decided to look through her social networks for her biological parents who had been given in 1998 for adoption. The girl, who was 18 years old, moved to Virginia and began living with her biological parents and their children. Three months later, Steven and Alyssa’s wife broke up. She moved away, and with her she took their two children.

Alyssa revealed that her husband was cheating after reading a 11-year-old daughter’s diary reading that the baby would be a half-judge. When she openly asked her husband what she was doing, she discovered that Steven and Katie were planning a wedding, and told their children that they called Katie a pommel. A few months before Steven moved out, her ex-wife told the police instead of sleeping on the floor instead of a double bed.

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