Give your children healthy living

Healthy living, Most of as are parents and healthy of our children is the most important in our life.This mean healthy life and feeding what is the best for them.

Organizations burn through billions of dollars on showcasing garbage nourishment. Their commercials on TV, online networking and different types of limited time exercises effectively hit their objective business sector – kids. This is the reason numerous youngsters are urged to pick garbage sustenance over sound nourishment.We display you a rundown of main 6 vitamins and minerals you require most for legitimate body capacity.

Vitamin B-6

This vitamin directs our rest, hankering and temperament. It additionally adds to legitimate capacity of our sensory system. There are numerous nourishment items rich in vitamin B-6.

Bananas, sweet potatoes, chicken, grains are a portion of the sustenance items containing biggest measures of vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B12 is a supplement which helps keeping nerve and platelets solid.

This vitamin enhances our fixation and evacuates weariness. It additionally expands creation of hemoglobin – a protein found in red platelets.

Yogurt, bubbled egg, hamburger, turkey are a portion of the sustenance items containing largest amount of vitamin B-12

Folic corrosive

It is especially imperative in the main weeks of pregnancy since it is in charge of appropriate advancement of infant’s cerebrum and anticipates misshapening of child’s spine.

Numerous products of the soil are rich in folic corrosive. Be that as it may, lentils, spinach, verdant vegetables, peanuts, squeezed orange, broccoli, are a portion of the nourishment items containing biggest measures of folic corrosive.


This vitamin reinforces our bones, teeth and muscles. Vitamin D-3 additionally ensures us against different immune system sicknesses and bosom and ovaries tumor.

The most essential wellsprings of Vitamin D-3 are: egg yolk, sardines, shark liver oil, soy items.


This mineral reinforces bones and teeth, and it additionally controls pulse and diminishes PMS indications. Calcium additionally adds to devouring more calories and your body can store less fat.

Eat items rich in calcium all the more frequently to counteract osteoporosis, which typically happens after the age of 50 and is more regular in ladies than men.

The most critical wellsprings of calcium are dairy items including: Milk, yogurt, tofu… and almonds, salmon.


Key variable for legitimate mind capacity. Expands vitality levels, anticipates frailty and cultivates production of red platelets.

Steak, peas, shrimp, sunflower seeds are a portion of the sustenance items containing most elevated amount of iron.

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