Donald Trump Made His First Step to Take Nancy Pelosi Down

Donald Trump Made His First Step to TAKE NANCY PELOSI DOWN.

A photo published on the Politico website shows House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in 2010 — a direct contradiction to her telling reporters at the website she had not met with the diplomat.

After tweeting on Friday morning that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) should be investigated for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2003, President Donald Trump tweeted that a second investigation into Pelosi’s past should be launched.

“I hereby demand a second investigation, after Schumer, of Pelosi for her close ties to Russia, and lying about it,” Trump tweeted on Friday.

“Not with this Russian ambassador, no,” Pelosi told Politico’s Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer during a Playbook interview, when asked if she’d ever met with the Russian envoy.

“But a file photo from Pelosi’s 2010 meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev shows Kislyak at the table across from Pelosi — then House Speaker — and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.),” Politico reported. “Medvedev had been in the country for a meeting with President Barack Obama a day earlier and stopped in on Capitol Hill to meet with congressional leaders as well.”

“Asked to square Pelosi’s comments with the photo of the meeting, a spokesman said that Pelosi had simply meant she never had a solo meeting with Kislyak,” Politico reported.

“Of course, that’s what she meant,” Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill said. “She has never had a private one-on-one with him.”

Politico reported:

Pelosi’s explanation is similar to one offered by Sen. Claire McCaskill Thursday, after she swiped at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for privately meeting with Kislyak in 2016 and failing to disclose it when asked about communications with Russians during his confirmation proceedings in January. Sessions has emphasized that meetings with ambassadors are common for lawmakers and that he met with Kislyak in his capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

McCaskill tweeted that in her 10 years serving on the Armed Services Committee she had never “ever” met with Kislyak, but walked back her comment by using the same reasoning as Pelosi, saying she had never met with him one-on-one.



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  1. Can someone tell me why it is so TERRIBLE to have a meeting with the Russian Ambassador?? Makes little or no sense to me why the Democrats are all in a stew. So what if making public all the dirt on Hillary was done by the Russians? We got the TRUTH for a change!! Isn’t the message about Hillary more important than the fact that the messenger was Russia? The main stream media sure won’t tell you the truth. If Russia did have something to do with the hacking of the Dem. Convention memos, I want to personally THANK THEM!!! I do not believe for ONE MINUTE that TRUMP was in cahoots with the Russians to take Hillary down. That is the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard, and the fact that the Democrats are STILL harping on this outlandish idea shows how DESPERATE they are to discredit our President. Thank GOD I am not a Democrat with a pea for a brain.

    1. Don’t you remember Putin himself called all of us Republicans, and even offered each of us up to a million rubles if we would vote for Hillary? LOL!

    2. it is not so much as it is terrible more then it would piss the Russians off if they were being lied about in the democratic party’s because the Clinton foundation try’d there damndest to stop Vladimir Putin from taking presidential power for the 3 or 4th time and finely fail’d to take him down . and now Vladimir is in office in Russia he will do what he can to help take that Big B down .

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