Disrespect or No – Illinois Teacher STOMPING on the American Flag in front of the students

Disrespect or No – Illinois Teacher STOMPING on the American Flag in front of the students

The Bad Habits of Ineffective Teachers. An Illinois town is in an uproar after a teacher allegedly stomped on a flag in front of his students.

Two parents of children at Martinsville High School were on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss the ordeal.

Gina Gibson said that the unnamed teacher was using the American flag as a pointer in the classroom, even though students objected to the flag being used in that manner.

She said the students cautioned the teacher not to let Old Glory touch the floor, and that’s when he stomped on the flag, telling his students that it was his right to do so.

Gibson said that some students – her son included – were sent to the office to be given detention for refusing to lift their heads off of their desks following the teacher’s actions.

“It’s just a horrible thing to happen in small town USA,” Gibson said. “We live in a small community to avoid these type of issues.”

Parent Daniel Truelove said that he supports the school’s administration, but he is protesting that someone stepped on the flag “on [his] dime.”

The teacher has been suspended through the end of the year, but Gibson said that she believes he should lose his job.

“You should never desecrate the flag in front of your students because you’re not teaching them respect for our country,” Gibson said.

Should Illinois Teacher Be FIRED For STOMPING on the American Flag?

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  1. Freedom of Speech


    Freedom from Consequences.

    We can’t kill you for your words, but if the PEOPLE that PAY YOUR WAGES find your words or actions too offensive to be allowed to INFLUENCE THEIR CHILDREN they are FULLY WITHIN THEIR OWN RIGHTS to toss your ass to the curb!

  2. He absolutely needs to be fired. If he is teaching our kids hatred of any kind, especially, the country he is privileged to be living in. What happened to the laws in this country?

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