Cricket super star is the winner of the election in Pakistan

Cricket super star is the winner of the election in Pakistan

In the explanation of the final results of the elections in Pakistan, the former ruling party, the Muslim League of Pakistan – Nawaz (PML-N), recognized the election victory of Imran Khana, former cricketing stars and well-known seductress who can now seek out coalition partners, the agency said on Friday.

Khan announced on Thursday the election victory that marked long counting of the ballot papers and accusations for setting the results that came mostly from the support of the detained former Prime Minister Navaz Sharif. Sharif’s PML-N party is the outcome of the election, in a country where the army was most often held by history, and called it an attack on democracy.

According to the latest partial official results of the Pakistani Election Commission, Khan’s Movement for Justice in Pakistan (PTI) won 115 seats in the 272-member parliament, Sharif’s PML-N 62.

The Sharif and his party accuse some elements of powerful military structures that they have done everything to hurt their campaign.

PML-N has so far refused to accept the result of the election, but on Friday, its leaders apparently showed willingness to accept that Khan will be the new prime minister.

“We will sit in opposition benches in spite of all our fences,” said Hamza Shehbaz Sharif, parliamentarian and nephew of Navaz Sharif, and Navaz’s brother Shehbaz Sharif and the party’s president announced that they would be “a strong opposition”.

The European Union’s observation team noted “a lack of equality” in the elections, explaining that not everyone who entered the election race had the same chances and opportunities.

“Regardless of legal measures aimed at ensuring equal conditions, we concluded that there was a lack of equality and equal opportunities,” said Michael Gahler, head of the EU mission at a press conference.

He promised better relations with his neighbors

In his congratulatory speech, Khan expressed willingness to investigate allegations of settlement and said he would improve relations with its neighbors – India and Afghanistan – and establish “mutually beneficial” ties with the United States.

His campaign was mainly based on the fight against corruption. The declared reformist, also promises “Islamic social state” and “new Pakistan”.

“God gave me a chance to come to power in order to spend the ideology I started 22 years ago,” Khan said in a speech at his home near the Islamabad capital.

Successful athlete and conservative

This 65-year-old, known in the West as a successful athlete and seducer, today displays in Pakistan a far more conservative face, and often brings a rosary with him.

“A game on a religious map,” says journalist Arifa Noor.

Some people call it “Taliban Khan”, calling it a call to dialogue with a cruel rebel group and allegedly the alliance of his party PTI with a religious hardhead, “the father of the Taliban” Sami ul Haq.

He recently stated that “feminism has ruined the role of the mother”.

But his supporters, especially the young, see him as a person who is unbearable and generous and point out that after a lucrative sports career, he has built several hospitals and universities. The middle class of the society, analysts argue, has bored widespread corruption and many of them have the same leaders from traditional parties emanating from prestigious families who have monopolized power in the country.

Pakistan is currently in an unsettled situation as it is threatened by the economic crisis and is likely to seek the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), although Khan’s PTI party has not ruled out the possibility of helping China, the largest ally of Islamabad.

Prior to the founding of Khan’s PTI party, Pakistani politicians, except when it was not a military junta, were dominated by two parties – Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League and Pakistan People’s Party Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in the assassination.

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