After Chuck Schumer Tries to Politicize Thanksgiving, Mike Huckabee Takes Him Down

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with friends and family. It is a time to unite together and show gratitude toward the beautiful country we are blessed to live in. Leave it to the Democrats to ruin even more American traditions this holiday season.

As the holiday week began, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (or “Cryin’ Chuck as he is widely known) decided to politicize the upcoming family gatherings across the country. He tweeted out a chart (from a single source) showing potential results from the Republican tax bill which has been a topic of debate over the past month. Schumer captioned the chart with a message to Americans on Thanksgiving:

“Bring this chart to Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll come in handy when that family member who always talks politics tells you the Republican tax bill helps the middle class.” 

When Mike Huckabee saw Schumer’s political stunt, he responded with a brilliant comeback:

“Schumer wants ppl to bring a chart so U can lecture your family at Thanksgiving Dinner–WARNING: Bring this to MY house and go home hungry wearing your stupid chart over your red rear end. You’re welcome! Happy politics-free Thanksgiving!”


The Democrats are pathetic! They take a beautiful holiday gathering and do their best to ruin it in hopes of furthering their own political agenda. It is satisfying to see Mike Huckabee call out Chuck Schumer for this ploy. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and be grateful for our freedoms. Period.

Don’t let Democrats obstruct your holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Roger Aliman

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