President Obama emphasizes progress made with the climate warming

September 2, 2016

Preserving natural places will help the world adapt to warming temperatures, US President Barack Obama said on Wednesday as he began a 10-day trip to stress the urgency of curbing climate change and attend a G20 meeting in China. No nation, not even one as powerful as the United States, is immune from a changing climate,” Obama said after landing in Hawaii, the Pacific island state where he grew up….


South Korea and U.S.А started dyed exercises of the strikes

August 30, 2016

North Korea undermined Monday to transform Seoul and Washington into “a stack of fiery debris through a Korean-style pre-emptive atomic strike” on the off chance that they hinted at any hostility toward the North’s domain amid their yearly military drills. South Korea and the U.S. started the drills regardless of the strikes. Pyongyang’s red hot talk isn’t surprising, however the most recent cautioning comes during an era of more pressure…