Jill Stein won’t fully comply with Senate Russia investigation,She will withhold information from Congress.

April 28, 2018

After months of silence, Stein says she will withhold information from Congress,she won’t fully comply with Senate Russia investigation Jill Stein ended months of silence and speculation about her role in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, announcing this week that she would not be complying with a documents request put forth by the Senate intelligence committee. The announcement, first reported by The Intercept, adds to…


Trump’s Advisor Thomas P. Bossert has left the Building

April 10, 2018

New Resignation: Another Trump Advisor Thoma P. Bossert hes left the building. New resignation at White House: Tom Bossert, interior security adviser Donald Trump has decided to leave his position, published on Tuesday from White House. “The president thanks Tom for engaging in the security of our great country,” said Sarah Sanders, a US president’s spokeswoman, in a brief statement that comes after the wake of the recent months of…


Nikki Haley Just Blew The Doors Off The U.N. pointing about Obama’s Incompetence..

April 5, 2018

Nikki Haley Just Blew The Doors Off The U.N. pointing about Obama’s Incompetence.. Looking through these past 8 years, we can see how things have changed in the U.S. with Obama being the president. He really screwed our country and made some unforgivable mistakes. But luckily, this nightmare is over now. Donald Trump seems to know how to do his job and everyone loves him. He made a really good…


Tramp is pulling out the US Army from Syria

April 3, 2018

Any decision to withdraw the Tramp from Syria would also be contrary to the current military assessment tramp, putin and asad, siriya bombing, attack, the United States. An unexpected announcement by US President Donald Trump has raised concerns among members of national security. Namely, Tramp said on Thursday that the US intends to withdraw its army from Syria soon. Experts warn that this could reduce American credibility in the region,…


Donald J.Trump To Cut Aid To Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan and Jordan After A Shameful UN Vote- Video

December 24, 2017

Donald J.Trump To Cut Aid To Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan and Jordan After A Shameful UN Vote- Video Trump may cut $20 billion in US foreign aid after shameful UN vote against US sovereignty over US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Please watch and share this video if you support this threat of the Trump administration to cut off foreign aid to Countries that have betrayed US at UN. Every two…


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un threatens nuclear strike on USA

January 3, 2017

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un threatens nuclear strike on USA BEIJING – President-elect Donald Trump and North Korea’s president Kim Jong Un have been exchanging threats this week,Kim kicked things off in a New Year’s address Sunday by saying his nation was near test-propelling an intercontinental ballistic rocket, which if fruitful, could at last put an atomic warhead inside scope of parts of the United States. Trump, who had once recommended…


N. Korea is treating again by launching 3rockets while G-20 leaders meet in China

November 26, 2016

North Korea launches three ballistic rockets into the ocean off its east drift on Monday, the South Korean and U.S. militaries said, as the pioneers of the Group of 20 noteworthy economies held a summit in China, the North’s fundamental political associate. The rockets were terminated from a locale south of the capital Pyongyang soon after twelve and flew around 1,000 km -600 miles-, hitting Japan’s air resistance recognizable proof zone,…


Pope Francis proclaims Mother Teresa a saint

November 23, 2016

Pope Francis announced Mother Teresa a holy person on Sunday, respecting the small sister who tended to the world’s most down and out and holding her up as a model for a Catholic Church that goes to the peripheries to discover poor, injured souls. Acclaim ejected in St. Dwindle’s Square even before Francis wrapped up the ceremony of canonization toward the begin of Mass, proof of the profound respect Mother…