Muslims Who Sued Cafe For Islamophobia Get Unexpected Dose Of American Justice

June 16, 2018

Muslims Who Sued Cafe For Islamophobia Get Unexpected Dose Of American Justice After trying to ruin the owners of a California cafe with a massive religious discrimination lawsuit, a group of entitled women were slapped with a perfectly deserved dose of American justice. Despite making up just one percent of the U.S. population, Muslims have gained more than their fair share of political and media attention thanks to not only…


Chuck Schumer Has Temper Tantrum After SCOTUS Rules Against Him

June 13, 2018

Chuck Schumer Has Temper Tantrum After SCOTUS Rules Against Him Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had a meltdown after he did not get his way at the Supreme Court. Now, the Democrat tactic of lying, cheating, and stealing elections could come to a bitter end. It was all too much for Cryin’ Chuck Schumer.What happened next?   The Supreme Court divided on party lines on Monday when it decided that…


Kathy Griffin: I ‘Stand By That Photo’ Of Trump’s Severed Head

June 6, 2018

Kathy Griffin: I ‘Stand By That Photo’ Of Trump’s Severed Head “I just think it’s important for me to stand by that photo”. After apologizing for her photo holding the severed head of President Trump, and then taking back that apology, comedienne Kathy Griffin now says she’s proud of the picture. In a GQ roundtable discussion between fellow comedians about the line between an “offensive” joke and a joke that is just “pushing…


Trey Gowdy Reveals 5 Biggest Democrat Secrets Contained In Damning FISA MEMO

May 23, 2018

Five biggest Democrat secrets from the FISA memo, revealed by the South Carolina “bulldog,” Trey Gowdy.  Congressman Gowdy, appeared on Fox News, Sunday for an interview with Chris Wallace where he delivered a special message to all American people. Unlike all other legislators who have been obscure about the popular FISA memo, Gowdy honestly and specifically stated the 5 major secrets that Democrats have been hiding. It appears that they never thought…


Rosie’s Busted in Campaign Finance Scheme , Claims ‘INSANITY’ hoping to skip Prison

May 15, 2018

Rosie O’Donnell is quick to accuse President Donald Trump of all kinds of bogus crimes, but when she is caught red-handed, she blames it on her mental issues. The hefty actress is obsessed with ousting the president. She spends 24/7 on social media and posts wild rants. Now, serious criminal charges surrounding a campaign finance scheme have been leveled against the 56-year-old liberal activist, and she’s setting up an insanity…


Pelosi & Schumer Pissed..Trump only invited one democrat to state Dinner with France

May 8, 2018

It appears that Democratic leaders in Congress were left off the guest list for President Donald Trump’s first state dinner at the White House on Tuesday. Only one Democratic politician was invited, and he was not a member of Congress. Now, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are furious. On Tuesday evening in Washington, DC, fifteen months into the Trump administration, First Lady Melania Trump threw her first state dinner in…


Roseanne Humiliates CNN For Stormy Daniels Obsession, Hits Them Where It Hurts

May 5, 2018

Liberals have another reason to freak out after Roseanne Barr just humiliated fake news network CNN for their round-the-clock coverage of adult film star Stormy Daniels. You won’t want to miss this. According to Daily Caller, actress and comedian Roseanne Barr blistered CNN on social media for their obsessive reporting on adult film star Stormy Daniels while ignoring other crucial and important issues in America. “follow @StormyDaniels so u can stay…


His daughter gave birth to a son: He killed both of them, her stepfather, and judged herself

April 16, 2018

There are so many strange staff going on.One of the most bizarre this that happen lately.  Steven Ploughl killed his daughter (20), a seven-month-old baby he received in an incestuous relationship with her, her stepfather, and then judged herself. Bowl began a bloody march in North Carolina where he first killed Bennett’s son. Then he killed Katie’s daughter and her fathers Anthony Fusca in Connecticut (56). Their bodies were found…