14 dead and 71 injured in Philippines terror attack

September 4, 2016

Another terror attack was made on the Philippines earlier today and 14 people have been killed. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte went by a mortuary early Saturday to pay regards to the 14 individuals killed hours before in a blast at a swarmed market in Davao City. No less than 71 individuals were harmed in the assault on the well known market.Duterte depicted the assault as a demonstration of fear based…


Terror attacks in Baghdad 15 people are dead

September 2, 2016

A progression of assaults crosswise over Baghdad, including a blast at a weapons distribution center that set off weapons and sent a colossal tuft of smoke over the Iraqi capital, killed 15 individuals and injured more than 50 on Friday, as per Iraqi authorities.The assaults underscore the poor security circumstance in the Iraqi capital, which has been liable to a few late huge scale assaults, including a July mall besieging…