See how look the new Dubai idnoor theme park

November 21, 2016

It’s now home to the world’s tallest structures, greatest shopping centers and biggest man-made islands.Presently, Dubai can guarantee yet another superlative – the “world’s biggest indoor amusement park.”IMG Worlds of Adventure, an entertainment mecca that cost more than $1 billion dollars and took three years to fabricate, opened its ways to general society on Wednesday.The recreation center is as large as 28 football fields, measuring nearly 1.5 million square feet…


NFL player Colin Kaepernick refuse to stand up on national Anthem

November 19, 2016

Who’s Colin Kaepernick. His ego grow up like his┬ádecision to sit during the national anthem.Keep in mind that $126 million contract Colin Kaepernick marked that had $61 million in “ensured” cash and appeared like an incredible arrangement for the 49ers adolescent when it was agreed upon? At that point recall how it turned out every one of those numbers were junk and San Francisco had essentially marked Kaepernick for a…