Barack Obama Trolls Prince Harry For Wedding Invitations,He get his own from Queen

Barack Obama Trolls Prince Harry For Wedding Invitations, He get his own from Queen.

Yet another controversy by former US president Barack Obama.The son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle, an American actress, and Barack Obama immediately started trolling Harry on Twitter for an invite. Attending a royal wedding is considered the big ticket for all movers and shakers, and liberal losers claim that Harry hates President Donald Trump but loves the Obamas. Well, they all just got hit by a nasty surprise by the Queen, making Barack look like a fool.

Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the British throne, just announced that he is marrying an American actress, thirty-six-year-old Meghan Markle. To most Americans, it’s no big deal, but to Barack Obama who is trying to retain power and control, an invitation would be an enormous deal.

So Barack trolls Harry on Twitter, tweeting, “Michelle and I are delighted to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement. We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together.” That turned into the liberal loser media going berserk, speculating that the Obamas would score an invitation. The tweet has almost one million “likes.”

“Obama’s sweet tweet to the happy couple immediately took off, with Twitter users asking him to “come back” and exclamations of “we miss you!” but also with many saying they couldn’t wait to see the stylish Obamas “pull up to this wedding.”

Well, that’s not going to happen. How do we know? When Prince William got married in 2012, the Obamas were in the White House. You would think they would be included on the list, but the Queen snubbed them. “The Queen personally invited 40 heads of state, who received the gold-embossed invitations over the weekend to the April 29 [2011] wedding of the future king. The Obamas, however, were not among them,”.

Now, the liberal media has amnesia with numerous reports saying it will be the Obamas invited and not the Trumps. Trying to salvage Michelle and Barack’s reputation, the media is saying that “the Obamas didn’t attend the 2011 wedding of Harry’s big brother William, reportedly because of security costs for the then-first couple to attend,”.

That’s plain malarkey. Presidents attend weddings and go overseas all the time. The Queen wasn’t a fan of Michelle Obama at all. The royal family didn’t exactly give Michelle the red carpet treatment – as a matter of fact, they totally ignored her and gave her a sit-down with Prince Harry. He is a member of the royal family, but he’s not exactly the Queen of England; he’s not even the future King of England.

Not only did Queen Elizabeth snub Michelle Obama but she ditched the former President’s wife so that she could go to the horse races. Then, Michelle got “handsy” with the Queen, an absolute “no-no” when it comes to the monarch. As the first lady, Michelle should have known the protocol, the Queen does not get “hugs” nor did she appreciate Michelle pushing her toward a chair.

Barack’s trolling Harry and the media, from the Washington Post to Newsweek issuing articles saying Trump will be snubbed and the Obamas will be invited. If Trump is invited, some say it is because Markle is an American.

Markle is a dimwitted Hollywood leftist actress, who called Trump a “misogynist” while she was on Larry Wilmore’s show. From an article back in 2016, “The actress also branded the Republican nominee as ‘misogynistic’ as she tore into him during an interview on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Protocol dictates that members of the British Royal family must remain politically impartial.”

As for Prince Harry, who cares? We in America don’t care if the British royal family likes us, that’s why we had a revolution, right? Markle is making waves with the Black Lives Matter crowd for marrying the “white” royal — she is half African-American.

So if you see the liberal whiners crowing about Barack “possibly” getting an invite to this royal wedding, you can have a good laugh knowing he was already snubbed by the Queen in 2012. Barack acts like a high school graduate wanting to go back to attend the prom, and he can’t stand to be left out and thinks that he is the everlasting prom queen.

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