Americans will soon be able to legally 3D print rifles

Americans will soon be able to legally 3D print rifles

Acknowledging the US government’s decision and the right to own weapons, the Americans will be able to publish – and download – 3D drafts of firearms from August 1st.

The agreement between the justice ministry and Wilson’s non-profit organization Defense Distributed has ended a year-long legal battle over whether private citizens have the right to create their own weapons.

Critics claim that such weapons, unlike standard guns and pistols that have a serial number, can not in any way be traced. Therefore, such “do-it-yourself” weapons are often called “guns / gun ghosts”.

Anarchist 2013 announced a draft for a 3D print gun

It all started in 2013, when Cody Wilson, who declares himself as a post-left anarchist, announced on the Internet a draft for a 3D printed gun called Liberator, CNN reports. “The age of the weapons you can download begins,” wrote Defense Distributed on its site.

This pistol, which can burn only once, is almost completely made of ABS plastic, the same material from which Lego cubes are made. The only metal parts are a shotgun and a piece of metal that is included in order to comply with the Law on Weapons that can be detected.

However, this law expires on August 1st, and once it expires, a piece of metal will no longer have to be incorporated into a gun. This means that, theoretically, with a pistol, it would be possible to enter court, school, parliament building, government or other institution, and that metal detectors do not disclose weapons.

The US Department of Justice first ordered Wilson and Defense Distributed to remove plans from the Internet, arguing that they could violate the International Traffic Regulations (ITEM) regulating the export of defense products, services and technical data.

In other words, the Ministry did not have a problem with American citizens printing 3D their own weapons, but that it was done by citizens of countries where the United States does not sell weapons.

From August 1st, you can freely download the pistol and rifle drawings

Wilson agreed to remove the draft, but warned that the data had already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. After that, he sued the federal government in 2015, and a settlement was reached in June, according to which Wilson and Defense Distributed can publish plans, files and 3D designs for the production or printing of these weapons.

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Weapons (ATF) meanwhile tested the Liberator and found that it is not only functional but has almost as good performances as commercial pistols.

Although the settlement was not announced, Wilson’s lawyers showed it to CNN. “We searched everyone alive and thought the government would refuse it, but they did not want to go to trial. The government fought hard against us and then suddenly surrendered,” explains Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation.

On the other hand, Avery Gardiner, Brady Campaign suppressor to Prevent Gun Violence, is convinced that the deal was approved by ministry officials set up by Donald Trump.

However, from August 1, anyone who wants to do so on Wilson’s site will be able to download the Liberator designs as well as the Beretta M9 pistol for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (or the favorite weapon of American mass murderers such as Steven Paddock of Las Vegas) scratch the assault rifle V7-58 and for another firearm. Users will be able to share on their site their own design for 3D printed weapons, an ammo magazine and other weapons accessories.

Terrorists and criminals will find it easier to get weapons?

Wilson, however, admits that 3D printing is still not practically feasible for most weapons. “It’s still out of reach, we’ll see how it all develops. Plans will be there when the moment comes,” says Wilson. Still, technology is accelerating, and the price of 3D printers varies from 600 to just five thousand dollars, Vice News reports.

Wilson and his supporters believe that this state will be impossible to ban weapons, that is, abolish the second amendment to the Constitution, which is the ultimate fear of the adherents of the unlimited right to arms in the United States. Wilson claims that this is a “direct material and digital expansion of the right to hold and carry arms” guaranteed by another amendment.

Gardiner and other advocates of greater arms control warn that such terrorists and criminals who would otherwise not have passed the background checks can easily reach the arms. “I think everyone in America should be terrified of it,” says Gardiner.

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