Actor Robert De Niro apologize ““I feel Sorry for my words about my country and the American flag”

Actor Robert De Niro apologize ““I feel Sorry for my words about my country and the American flag”


                  On of the greatest actor Robert De Niro gave the statement and apologize say that he’s sorry about what he said: “I FEEL SORRY FOR MY WORDS ABOUT MY COUNTRY AND AMERICAN FLAG, HOPE AMERICANS WILL FORGIVE ME”. His words were told in an affair, and later the actor apologized.

              De Niro’s dad was raised a Catholic, yet when little Robbie was two years of age, his dad reported that he was gay and his folks got a separation. His mom was raised Presbyterian yet immediately affirmed that she was a nonbeliever upon adulthood. De Niro’s folks did not need him submersed into the Catholic Church, but rather amid their separation, he remained with his passionately Catholic grandparents who had him purified through water in secret.1 It’s protected to state that if De Niro is anything, he’s a Catholic, yet he doesn’t appear to practice and he wouldn’t like to discuss it.

             De Niro is a private man. He doesn’t care to be met and on the uncommon events that he grants a meeting, journalists are given a rundown of off-constrain subjects, which incorporates religion, governmental issues, his family, or wine (which he clearly loves).2

In any case, De Niro has played a lopsided measure of Catholic characters in his motion pictures, likely because of his relationship with sincere Catholic executive Martin Scorsese. De Niro once even played a Catholic minister in the film The Mission, which was hailed by Catholics as a legitimate and complimentary depiction of a priest. In any case, he would not like to play Jesus in Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ, saying:

Last Temptation was something I was never intrigued by doing. Yet, I told [Scorsese], ‘In the event that you truly have an issue, on the off chance that you truly need to do it, and you require me, I’ll do it. In case you’re against the divider and have no other way, I’ll do it as a friend.3

In the long run, Scorsese got Willem Dafoe to play Christ, yet it brought up inquiries as to De Niro’s actual sentiments about religion. Does he potentially think that its questionable. He did once say:

In the event that there is a God he has a considerable measure to answer for.4

So it’s sensible to expect that in the first place, De Niro questions the presence of God and second, he doubts the omni-altruism of God. I will call him a rationalist, however he may be out and out agnostic.

De Niro has been conceded privileged Italian citizenship,5 so his loyalties don’t just lie in U.S. governmental issues. In spite of the fact that he’s not known to get engaged with Italian or EU governmental issues.

He has been known to get intensely associated with U.S. governmental issues, be that as it may, and when he does it is just for the Democratic Party. In his lifetime, De Niro has given over $70,000 to the Democratic Party.6 But that is not all. De Niro battles for his most loved applicants. He’s authoritatively embraced Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry in 2004, and Obama in 2008. Amid the Clinton “Monicagate” embarrassment, De Niro even campaigned Congress to not indict the president.7

In 2008, De Niro talked at an Obama rally, saying:

I’ve never influenced a discourse to like this at a political occasion some time recently. All in all, what am I doing here? At long last, one individual has roused me. Figure who.8

Obama, that is who!

Still an Obama supporter in 2012, De Niro got himself into a little heated water and was known as a bigot by Republican presidential candidates– especially Newt Gingrich– when he said at an Obama pledge drive:

Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum, Ann Romney. Presently do you truly think our nation is prepared for a white first lady?

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  1. This Jerk is just one in millions I have no use for! He is an idiot liberal and hates this country just like he hates Conservatives, Capitalism (which made him ultra rich by the way) Truth and Honor!

  2. I loved him in the Intern, but after the things he said about President Trump–I won’t be watching or buying any more of his movies. He has to be a big enough man to apologise to our President. Conservatives did not act that way when obama was illegitametly elected–and obama admitted rather smuggly that he had indeed been born in Kenya. So until Robert Denero apologises to Donald Trump–forget it!

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