Actor Robert De Niro apologize ““I feel Sorry for my words about my country and the American flag”

Actor Robert De Niro apologize ““I feel Sorry for my words about my country and the American flag”


                  On of the greatest actor Robert De Niro gave the statement and apologize say that he’s sorry about what he said: “I FEEL SORRY FOR MY WORDS ABOUT MY COUNTRY AND AMERICAN FLAG, HOPE AMERICANS WILL FORGIVE ME”. His words were told in an affair, and later the actor apologized.

              De Niro’s dad was raised a Catholic, yet when little Robbie was two years of age, his dad reported that he was gay and his folks got a separation. His mom was raised Presbyterian yet immediately affirmed that she was a nonbeliever upon adulthood. De Niro’s folks did not need him submersed into the Catholic Church, but rather amid their separation, he remained with his passionately Catholic grandparents who had him purified through water in secret.1 It’s protected to state that if De Niro is anything, he’s a Catholic, yet he doesn’t appear to practice and he wouldn’t like to discuss it.

             De Niro is a private man. He doesn’t care to be met and on the uncommon events that he grants a meeting, journalists are given a rundown of off-constrain subjects, which incorporates religion, governmental issues, his family, or wine (which he clearly loves).2

In any case, De Niro has played a lopsided measure of Catholic characters in his motion pictures, likely because of his relationship with sincere Catholic executive Martin Scorsese. De Niro once even played a Catholic minister in the film The Mission, which was hailed by Catholics as a legitimate and complimentary depiction of a priest. In any case, he would not like to play Jesus in Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ, saying:

Last Temptation was something I was never intrigued by doing. Yet, I told [Scorsese], ‘In the event that you truly have an issue, on the off chance that you truly need to do it, and you require me, I’ll do it. In case you’re against the divider and have no other way, I’ll do it as a friend.3

In the long run, Scorsese got Willem Dafoe to play Christ, yet it brought up inquiries as to De Niro’s actual sentiments about religion. Does he potentially think that its questionable. He did once say:

In the event that there is a God he has a considerable measure to answer for.4

So it’s sensible to expect that in the first place, De Niro questions the presence of God and second, he doubts the omni-altruism of God. I will call him a rationalist, however he may be out and out agnostic.

De Niro has been conceded privileged Italian citizenship,5 so his loyalties don’t just lie in U.S. governmental issues. In spite of the fact that he’s not known to get engaged with Italian or EU governmental issues.

He has been known to get intensely associated with U.S. governmental issues, be that as it may, and when he does it is just for the Democratic Party. In his lifetime, De Niro has given over $70,000 to the Democratic Party.6 But that is not all. De Niro battles for his most loved applicants. He’s authoritatively embraced Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry in 2004, and Obama in 2008. Amid the Clinton “Monicagate” embarrassment, De Niro even campaigned Congress to not indict the president.7

In 2008, De Niro talked at an Obama rally, saying:

I’ve never influenced a discourse to like this at a political occasion some time recently. All in all, what am I doing here? At long last, one individual has roused me. Figure who.8

Obama, that is who!

Still an Obama supporter in 2012, De Niro got himself into a little heated water and was known as a bigot by Republican presidential candidates– especially Newt Gingrich– when he said at an Obama pledge drive:

Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum, Ann Romney. Presently do you truly think our nation is prepared for a white first lady?

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    1. Maybe if he takes Air Time on all Networks and makes a true deep felt apology to Our President as well. Then maybe I’ll think about forgiving him. As of right now. He can rot in Hell with the rest of Hollywood!! I’ll never pay for another Movie he is in. BOYCOTT DENIRO!!!

    2. The Hollywood elite think they are without consequences of any kind and they can say and do what ever they want. What galls me the most is they think they are smarter than everyone else and they have to tell us who to vote for and what to believe because we are too stupid to take care of ourselves, the typical democratic attitude. I don’t see movies anymore I am so sick of them.

    3. Could it be that his box office and paycheck are also feeling the heat, I do hope so. After his statements I crossed him off my list. I’ll never, ever pay for or watch any movies he’s in or connected to in any way. Robert, rturn to Italy where you also hold citizebship. Believe me, we’ll get along just fine without you.

  1. This Jerk is just one in millions I have no use for! He is an idiot liberal and hates this country just like he hates Conservatives, Capitalism (which made him ultra rich by the way) Truth and Honor!

  2. I loved him in the Intern, but after the things he said about President Trump–I won’t be watching or buying any more of his movies. He has to be a big enough man to apologise to our President. Conservatives did not act that way when obama was illegitametly elected–and obama admitted rather smuggly that he had indeed been born in Kenya. So until Robert Denero apologises to Donald Trump–forget it!

    1. Not just in words, but actions, as well.
      He MUST make a visit to the WH, if he’s allowed in, to formally apologize to PRESIDENT Trump!

    1. And that idiot joy Behar giggled like a school girl as soon as he said it. They are both pathetic. And how much guts does it take to y they want to hit someone that they can’t get within q09 feet of. Real tough guy

  3. I like the fact that Robert De Niro, in part, apologized. I was angry like any red blooded American would be over crass remarks about our great Country are elected President and beautiful Flag. However, coming out and publicly making that apology was a good idea and I think it was truly humbling for him; but he needs to apologize to our President Trump as his combative remark was over the top. De Niro is one of our finest actors. I was shocked and angry vowing I would never watch anything he made again as I come from a long line of Veterans all the way back to the Revolutionary War. I am a person of forgiveness; will therefore accept it when he includes President Trump in his apology.

  4. What a poorly written article. Apparently there was no proof reading before it was sent out. The actual first word of the piece is, “On,” when it obviously should be, “One.” And it just gets worse from there. Incredibly frustrating to try to read. Do a better job if you want people to actually read your stuff in the future.

  5. He’s an asshole. I threw out all my DVD’s of his movies. He is only apologizing because he knows that he is hated. Maybe he can blow his ass hole buddy DeBlasio

  6. Mr. DiNero, bravo…..almost academy award level performance, however, your words are as hollow as the reality you portray on stage, you apologize to the Country and Flag, memory serves those were not what you were ranting about, your apology should be to the American People and to the President Mr. Trump, until then, you have no audience…..

  7. DiNiro was once a must see when casted in a movie .. to me I’ve have outcasted him & even any reruns .. Ching Ching Bada bing zero DiNiro .. script reading flaming libturd .
    Should apologize to POTUS .. even then I wouldn’t believe him ! He’s an actor !! Feeling the “HEAT” pun intended

  8. What a serious disappoint Deniro has become. I loved him and felt kindred as we are both italians. I was shocked at his stupid rant on our now President. You respect the office and keep your thoughts to yourself. I (we) don’t care for this apology. If you asked for a meeting with Our President and offer the Olive branch… maybe then would we feel this apology had any weight.
    In the future… please understand, we are a Nation of Laws, Faith, and humanity in our fellow Citizens. we pay to see our actors do their job (acting) We do not like you for your Political beliefs, we don’t care what they are, we DO CARE when an actor who can reach many young people and have them witness an Adult talk about punching, the man who has been chosen by the people to be OUR President , in the face?? It is a disgrace and shame on you! Grow up!

  9. Perhaps your Italian citizenship might serve you better. Obviously, your apology falls short of who you really owe it to and thats the American peoples’ choice, POTUS TRUMP and the voters. Your preference to Ms. Clinton who has decades of wrong doing for our country and ex POTUS OBAMA who served himself well but did naught for his own people and all peoples in our country. His preference were illegal immigrants, some designed to create chaos.
    He practically decimated our military protection .

    I like your movies but as an American, you fail miserably.

  10. In the words of Tony Soprano De Niro is dead to me. I won’t watch anything he’s done even old movies on TV. (Except maybe Ronin). He was once one of my favorite actors. Now that his movies are flopping he’s sort of sorry he shot off his big mouth.

  11. Robert Deniro can apologize all he wants. It means nothing. The world saw his comments and he can be seen as a hateful person, bashing our president. He belongs with Rosie , the nutcase. I never liked him as an actor. Too repulsive, and a filthy mouth. Celebs will have to bury Oscar from now on. Hollywood is going under

  12. DeNiro Show me that you are a PROUD ITALIAN AMERICAN like myself & Be respectful 2 our 45th President Donald J. Trump & stop with the negative comments. 1st.


    OBAMA created Trumps Presidency because Hollyweird Libtards jammed OBAMA down our throats & then chastised us for hating him!

  14. Hollywood has went downhill. Dont rememer ticket sales the holiday weekend but crazy loss from last yr. But just like football, they are poof, gone, no one is interested, and ad musicians, country also after all the big mouths. They can go and be actresses, actors, singers, ball players, and anyone else who doesnt want America back to the Citizens, the people, in some other country and take your beloved illegals with you. Buuuby azzhats you made your beds and no more millions from ugs.

    1. Way to go Brenda. What you forgot to note is that he probably apologized because his last movie The Comedian did so poorly at box office and now he has another movie coming out in 2018. And why do actors think that the public listens to them? They spend their whole lives reading and saying what was someone else’s thought.

  15. I have loved all of DeNiro’s movies, and I know he is a “celebrity liberal”, but his comments AGAINST President Trump hit me pretty hard because they were the standard DemocRAT thoughtless rant, and I have NEVER BEFORE thought DeNiro was thoughtless.

    His non-specific “apology” was not enough to change the way I feel about him now. It would take a bold, courageous, President Trump avocacy to convince me that he is still the person I thought he was from his movie roles, and get me back to any movie he might make.

  16. ‪No you don’t ,you FEEL SORRY for yourself ,because ppl now HATE you ,you POSkarma,gets EVERYONE going after Trump,God has his back ,fool‬

  17. I loved De Niro UNTIL he became just another of the obnoxious celebrities who snidely and blatantly condescend to half their fan base due to personal politics. Celebs, highly intelligent or not, politically astute or not, have access to a public platform which can/may affect elections, though they are no more in the know than the average citizen. I am boycotting any and every sniffy, pompous celebrity who holds him/herself in so high a regard that they are willing to disparage those who’ve contributed, by purchasing movie tickets, etc., to their livelihoods. NO MORE. I view the money I spend on being ENTERTAINED by them as an indirect donation to political candidates I do not support. Keep being loudmouths, you have the right, but perhaps the half of your audience you criticize and denounce will stop their patronage of your work and half your income will disappear.

  18. Fuck that Hollywood ass wipe! I’ll never pay another penny to see any of his movies. This asshole can go broke for all I care.

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