Thief got mad after he was caught in the way he never expected  – Video

Thief got mad after he was caught in the way he never expected


Wednesday Houston-This newly released video shows a man trying to rob a Houston cell phone store. It didn’t go as planned. The employee walked out with customers, locked the door and trap.How not to rob a mobile phone store?

ped the robber inside. He’s seen trying to shoot at the door’s lock before dropping to his knees and praying. He’ll be spending at least 5 years in prison for this.

This Wednesday at a mobile phone store was caught a thief in an unusual way.A young black guy carrying a gun entered the mobile phone store. At the moment when he began to collect expensive phones , the salesman quickly said the other customers to drop out of the store and quickly left the store and locked the thief in the store to immediately called the police.

After few unsuccessful attempts to break through the door and escape, the thief did not have anything left to wait  to be caught by the police.After the police arrived, the thief surrendered and was taken to the police station.If the employee had not walked out. This so called begging thief would have hurt everyone in that store. Sad but true. He deserves what he gets.

Sometimes desperate people do desperate things. It’s ok to have a lil compassion. Who knows what motivated such an unorganized attempt at committing a crime. Def not a bright move.If he was really desperate, he would have robbed a grocery store for food or a department store for clothes or a shoe store for work boots….but he tried stealing cell phones. Sorry, but cell phone and internet connection aren’t part of Maslow’s 7 basic needs of humans.

How about he just thinks. He can go and just rob whatever he wants! How about he’s just a pos! And doesn’t care about others or their property! Desperate! Gtfoh! Smdh! I wonder if U were looking down the barrel of his gun! Would U see him as desperate.


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